New Court Martial Boss Sworn In, Warns Members On Absenteeism

Gen Andrew Guttu was Sworn in on Monday by Lt Gen Charles Angina (Photo by Michael Ntezza )

The new Makindye based General Court Martial Chairman LT Gen Andrew Gutti has officially assumed office with a warning to all lazy members to leave their laziness in their previous duty stations.

Lt. Gen Gutti is among the 21 members of the General Court Martial who took their oaths on Monday afternoon at the function presided over by Lt. Gen. Charles Angina.

His main task, here Gen Gutti said would be to drastically reduce the court’s huge case backlog.

“The issue of lack of quorum for court members to hear cases will have to end. You all took oaths and promised to administer justice, tadalafil you and the reserve members therefore must be present at all times, visit this ” warned Gen Gutti.

He also cautioned the court members against the temptations that come with their new offices.

“Never attempt to take bribes from any accused person, secondly no information from this court should be disclosed to the public unless with authority.”

In his speech, Lt. Gen Charles Angina first observed a moment of silence for the former Court Martial Chairman the late Levi Karuhanga who he described as hard working.

Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti is the new General Court Martial Chairman

Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti is the new General Court Martial Chairman

Karuhanga succumbed to a heart related ailment in April, shortly after returning from an operation in India.

Angina asked Gen Gutti to ascertain whether he wanted his new office or if he didn’t, Angina would take it up until the appointing authority brought a new name. Gutti said he was happy with it and was sworn in.

Angina then proceeded to guide the new court members; “I would advise you if possible to adopt the work schedule which we developed during my term in office as the Gen Court Martial Chairman, where we used to start court at 8am after a heavy breakfast and our lunch was at 5pm after work. That administrative adjustment enabled us to work on an overwhelming number of cases which had never been worked upon by any court before our term.”

Angina further advised the new court members against temptations and mishandling of exhibits which may tarnish court’s reputation among the public.

“This court handles a number of cases including those of robbers who are well rich. You must not be tempted by their offers. Don’t mishandle exhibits because one of the reasons why most cases delay is because exhibits have been mishandled.”

The new Members of the General Court Martial include:

1) Lt. General Andrew Gutti – Chairman

2) Col. John B Mulindwa – Member

3) Lt. Col. Agnes Musoke – Member

4) Capt. Stella Karungi – Member

5) Capt. Tom Amme – Member

6) Capt. Aron Natukunda – PC/Member

7) Sgt. Benson Muzoora – Member

8) Lt. Col. Jasper Abeka Onegiu – R/Member

9) Maj. Nathan K Mwesigwa – R/Member

10) Maj. John Nabos Mugisha – R/Member

11) Maj. Ali James Uma – R/Member

12) Maj. Oliver Kagiiraha Komutegeki – R/Member

13) Maj. Christine Nekesa Situma – R/Member

14) Capt. Ronald Kasiga Bwebare – R/Member

15) Capt. Angella Catherine Laker – R/Member

16) Capt. Cyprian Sane Magezi – R/Member

17) Capt. WinnieFred Nyawere Baguma – R/Member

18) WO2. Kisembo John Crysostom – R/Member

19) WO2. Jokene Daniel – R/Member

20) WO2. Mutesi Esther Lubega – R/Member

21) Lt. Col. GT Katinda – J/Advocate

22) Maj. Raphael Mugisha – Prosecutor

23) Maj. Ronal Iduuli – D/Counsel

24) Maj. John Bizimana


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