New Cavendish VC Vows to introduce World Class Education in Uganda

Cavendish University VC, Prof. Koi Mchira Tirima

The newly appointed Vice Chancellor Cavendish University, visit this site Prof. Koi Mchira Tirima has vowed to bring on board world class education system to the Ugandan population.

Prof. Koi made these remarks during a meet and greet session on Friday as the university changed hands and administration.

“I am looking at the aspect of community development, more about management training and curriculum development and a set of skills as one of the ways to bring on quality education into the Ugandan education system” she said.

Prof. Koi comes with 19 years of experiential learning with 13 years working in North America, information pills India and German and 6 in East Africa.

Before joining Cavendish Koi served as Chancellor at Inoorero University, Africa Nazarene University and Olympic College and her excellent leadership role in the field of education has earned her more opportunities in the education arena.

According to Koi Uganda has an incredible opportunity to capture the education market however they have to leverage on how to position the education standards and focus on two or three things where they are best known for in regards to higher education.

Responding to regulating proceedings from National Council for Higher Education on stream lining some of the courses offered in the various universities, Koi noted that is aimed at bringing the courses to global best practices and for the graduates to be competitive and able to work across the globe.


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