NEW AMENDMENTS: NRM MPs Head to State House

The National Resistance Movement Members of Parliament are expected to convene on Monday at State House Entebbe to debate and find a common position on the proposed constitutional amendment bill.

ChimpReports understands the motion to table the Bill on the floor of Parliament last Thursday week was deferred because the mover made “consultations” with the NRM leadership in Parliament and it was agreed that the ruling party MPs first be briefed.

The Private Membership Bill which proposes changes in all three arms of government- Executive, side effects http://cooperativenet.com/wp-admin/includes/ajax-actions.php Parliament and Judiciary — and also the Electoral Commission has been put together by the Nakifuma County MP, more about Eng. Robert Ssekitoleko Kafeero.

Ssekitoleko is an independent MP but NRM leaning; and among the four Independents legislators together with one Uganda People’s Congress member appointed by the ruling party to the Parliament’s committee leadership. He is the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Science and Technology.

Meanwhile, The Chairperson of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee that is meant to handle the Bill after being tabled on the floor is Jacob Oboth Oboth, also an Independent NRM leaning.

This website has learned that the office of the Government Chief Whip is on Sunday afternoon going to send text messages to all the 296 NRM MPs to attend Caucus on Monday.

We are aware that even NRM MPs, who were earlier approached to support the quietly planned Bill, were not given a single copy.

The few printed copies of the Bill that this website managed to access on Wednesday, are with few trusted carders.

“There is Caucus on Monday to put everyone in the know about the big thing coming. Surprising MPs might be precarious and it’s only better that they get it earlier,” a source in government told this reporter.

ChimpReports can also confirm that government is not going to take the Bill from the private member but the NRM MPs are likely going to be rallied to support it.

One of the reasons that automatically distances the government from the Bill, even if it serves some or all of its interests, is the process would change and become so huge since elements like constituting a constitutional review commission should become part and parcel.

As far as we know, the Bill is planned to be concluded in within one month even when others have taken 7 years and not concluded.


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