NEMA Trains Environmental Inspectors in Gulu

NEMA has 375 gazetted inspectors from different government institutions and ministries accross the country

The National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) has organized a five day training for the 4th batch of environmental inspectors at Bomah Hotel in Gulu District.

The training which started on Monday July 4th will run up to Friday July 8th. It is the fourth training since July 2014 when the inspectors were gazetted.

According to NEMA officials, rx http://checkhimout.ca/wp-includes/l10n.php the trainings are conducted in phases owing to the fact that the numbers of gazetted Environmental Inspectors are large.

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As published on 25th July, http://curarlaimpotencia.com/wp-content/plugins/seo-magico-pro/linkedin/linkedin_config.php 2014, NEMA has 375 gazetted inspectors from different government institutions and ministries who assist in the operationalization of the National Environment Statute, 1995.

The designation of officers is done in pursuance of section 79 of the National Environment Act, Cap. 153 which provides for the gazattement of duly qualified public officers as Environmental Inspectors for specified period.

The different government institutions and ministries from which the inspectors are gazetted include;  NEMA, Uganda Police Force under the Environmental Protection Police Unit, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Ministry of Water and Environment, Government Analytical Laboratory, National Forestry Authority, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Ministry of Local Government, Authorities from the different District Local Governments and Kampala Capital City Authority.

During the 5 day training, Environmental Inspectors will be oriented in the area of environmental inspections through exposure to technical, administrative, legal and communication aspects of inspections.

The training is meant to provide fundamentals needed for performing inspections under an environmental programme covering both the ‘brown’ and ‘green’ environment.

It is expected to come up with strategies of improving coordination of environmental inspectors and inspections in the Country, enforcement of environmental requirements (Policies, Laws, Regulations, Guidelines Standards) among others and the state of environment is expected to improve as a result of the training and applications of the skills gained.


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