New Year Celebrations: Police Warns on Excitement

Police publicist Fed Enanga

President Museveni has said togetherness and love for each other is the only force that will drive Uganda to greatness in the forthcoming year.

“If we love one another, decease celebrate our diversity, dosage resist division and stay united, we will achieve greatness,” Museveni said in his New Year message to Ugandans.

In the communication the president praised the UPDF and other security agencies for ensuring peace in the ‘whole length and breadth’ of Uganda which he said is a big achievement to the country.

“The ultimate security means the ability to guard our Sovereignty by, if necessary, defeating any aggressor on the globe. The guaranteeing of our sovereignty should not depend on anybody else except ourselves and some like-minded allies of similar interests and a common destiny, if necessary,” he noted.

He added that through the prioritization policy, a lot has been achieved citing roads, health facilities and education sector which have benefitted a lot from the decision.

The president said the country is now able to support manufacturers both local and foreign sourced all courtesy of the prioritization policy introduced.

“By ensuring peace and developing infrastructure, we have also laid the basis for the developing of our huge services sector including tourism from 47000 visitors in 1986 to 1.4 million visitors per year.”

As the new year approaches, the president said he hoped the country would adopt industrialization not only based on agricultural products and minerals but also on human skills in form of heavy and light engineering as part of the efforts to develop the country .

“Our scientists have already started with Kiira Electric Car as well as pick-ups and other vehicles. They are just waiting for funding from the Innovation Fund,” he noted adding that a process of skilling the youth throughout the country has started.

This he said however, can only be fulfilled with determination, unity and love between everyone concerned in the country.

“Let us all join hands and declare the Year 2016 to be our year of prosperity. The year of building on the strong foundation we have laid to secure Uganda’s future,” he said.
Police have warned against burning of tyres and illegal use of fireworks during the New Year celebrations which are just hours away.

“We want to inform the public that usually there is a lot of excitement that accompanies these New Year celebrations whereby people burn tyres and fire bullets in the air. This will not be permitted, unhealthy ” noted Police Spokesperson, stomach Fred Enanga while addressing the media on Wednesday.

“We inform the public that we are not allowing the burning of tyres because in the process fire can get out of control and health-wise it’s not advised,” Enanga said.

“Those who possess fire arms including police officers stand warned against firing of bullets out of excitement; our police officers should be ready to account for every bullet that shall be found fired by their guns and will be charged for misuse of arms.”

To that effect, police has selected a total of 468 places authorized to fire fireworks which include places of worship, hotels, beaches and bars.

Enanga warned that all fireworks must be fired by police officers from the Bomb squad due to the dangers that might arise from using them recklessly.

He added that no one will be allowed to fire any fireworks beyond 5 minutes past midnight.


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