Ndejje University VC to Gov’t: Embrace Recycling to Save the Environment

Ndejje University VC, Prof. Eriabu Lugujjo

The Vice Chancellor of Ndejje University, pills http://cpfc.org/includes/rss/rss.php Prof. Eriabu Lugujjo has urged government to embrace and encourage Bio-waste management through recycling, price reduction and reusing as a means of reducing the rate at which tree cover is being wiped out.

Prof. Lugujjo was Wednesday speaking at the first ever International scientific conference on Bio-Waste recycling in Uganda, search held at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

Organised by Ndejje University, the conference was running under the theme “sowing seeds of sustainable development for grassroot communities”

Prof Lugujjo decried the rate at which trees are being cut saying that if not regulated, Uganda is bound to become a desert by 2050.

“If Ugandans continue cutting trees at the rate they are cutting them now, by 2050 Uganda will not have any trees left and the country will become a desert. Life will be hard with no food,” he said.

According to research made by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), trees, forests and woodlands cover about 14 percent of Uganda’s land surface but over the last 30-40 years, due to growth in human population and demand for more land for domestic and industrial use, many forests are being degraded and the bio diversity eroded.

Prof. Lugujjo observed that government taking the issue of environment very seriously noting that bio waste recycling is a very good initiative for it can greatly impact on the deteriorating state of pollution and improve it for the best.

He urged youth to be the architects of the future saying that “we need to put environment first before development.”

During the conference that lasted for three days, many papers were presented on water resources, renewable energy, food security as well as cross cutting issues including business, social science and good governance.


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