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NARO LAND: OWC’s Gen Angina Orders Arrest of Capt Bashaija

Lt Gen Angina addressing the media in Mbarara on Saturday

The Deputy Chief Coordinator Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Lt Gen Charles Angina has ordered the immediate arrest of Rtd Captain David Bashaija on grounds of encroaching on land belonging to National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO).

Lt Gen Angina issued the instructions this weekend during a consultative regional meeting held at Lake View hotel in Mbarara.

The directive follows president Museveni’s threat to take action against those grabbing NARO’s land.

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OWC Communications official Ms Sarah Kagingo said the president wrote to Bashaija in 1999 asking him to vacate the stock farm premises in vain.

Kagingo said Bashaija defied the order until November 20, troche 2010 when the President wrote to the Attorney General asking him to investigate the same man on matters of grabbing part of stock farm land and government land at Sanga Research Station in Kiruhuura District.

In his letter, about it the President asked the Attorney General to cause Bashaija’s immediate prosecution and action.

Capt. Bashaija has been claiming authority from Museveni and his brother Gen Salim Saleh to occupy and utilize the said plots of land until Friday when the president announced the fresh orders to evict the retired army officer.

Capt. Bashaija is further accused of using his gun to intimidate any NARO officer, RDC or local politician trying to eject him.

During the meeting at Lake View Hotel, Angina angrily directed Col. Sikaji Tumusiime who is the Ankole region OWC commander to “evict, disarm and arrest” Capt. David Bashaija from stock farm land before Monday.

“Unfortunately one of our own Capt. Bashaija is among the people who have been found stealing government land; we should immediately evict him because with military, any statement from the president is a direct order and we must comply by Monday. For us we don’t waste time,’’ said Angina.

Bashaija says he owns the land 'legally'

Bashaija says he owns the land ‘legally’

Capt. Bashaija is said to have fraudulently occupied 79 out of 1,300 acres of NARO land of land while Hajuni investments grabbed 115 acres.

Bashaija speaks out

In defence, Capt Bashaija who is the Director Ngabo Academy Secondary School told ChimpReports he bought the piece of land from Uganda Lands Commission at Shs 22m.

“What I know is that Ngabo owns that land legally. It’s Ngabo and Uganda Lands Commission that own titles and there is nothing like NARO,” said Bashaija.

“If it’s true that the lands commission made a mistake to give us a land title then they should compensate us,’’ he added.

A retired army officer, Bashaija is a powerful NRA historical with deep ties to the top military establishment.

Kagingo says Bashaija is a land grabber

Kagingo says Bashaija is a land grabber

Bashaija observed that the case is in court and that the president has no powers over issues before court.

“I cannot comment on a matter that is before court. We have the law; whoever is concerned should go to court but this system of ambushing people is not good,’’ said the Captain.


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