Namuwongo: Mom Dumps Newborn In Pit Latrine

Namuwongo suburb

Police are holding a one Eva Nakikenge, link 26, who dumped her newborn child in a pit latrine. Nakikenge a resident of Namuwongo a Kampala suburb was this morning noticed by neighbors without a child and she had no pregnancy.

When asked what had happened of the baby, Nakikenge reportedly lied that the little one had passed away.

Suspicious neighbors gathered around her inquiring where the body of the deceased was, but she could not tell.

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The residents mobilized and started checking around, before one of them heard baby cries emerging from the pit latrine.

Police’s rescue team was called in and retrieved the child. It was found alive but in a critical condition and was rushed to Mulago hospital.

Meanwhile Police hastened to whisk away Nakikenge, rescuing her from the angry crowd which had started beating her. She is currently being detained at C.P.S Kampala.


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