Nambooze Boycotts Rurangaranga Tribute Session, Condemns UPC Regime

MP Betty Nambooze addressing press after storming out of Rurangaranga's tribute session
MP Betty Nambooze addressing press after storming out of Rurangaranga's tribute session

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament, Betty Nambooze Bakireke on Thursday afternoon boycotted the special sitting held to pay tribute to former Uganda People’s Congress National Chairman, Maj. Edward Rurangaranga.

Nambooze exited Parliament immediately the body of Rurangaranga was ushered in the house. She told journalists outside that the late was responsible for Uganda’s post independence political problems.

“I cannot be part of people honoring a man who did very many bad things known by everyone. Rurangaranga’s actions and the suffering we went through during UPC government are still fresh on our minds,” said Nambooze.

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The outspoken MP, who is also a former minister in Mengo stressed that even in President Yoweri Museveni’s book, the Mustard Seed, he pointed out how Rurangaranga was in charge of UPC government’s “black operations” in Ankole.

“The same Museveni who granted official burial for Rurangranga has written in his book that the man commanded brutal activities in Ankole during the Obote II government. It is very sad that the man is being honored as a statesman,” she stressed.

Nambooze also said that if she was to participate in the special sitting, she was going to oppose the motion to pay tribute to Rurangaranga.

“If I enter the house right now, I will do what no one has ever done. I would be the first person to ever oppose the motion to pay tribute,” she added.

Meanwhile, ChimpReports learnt that Nambooze had earlier warned the Buganda Caucus Chairperson, Muyanja Ssenyonga never to bring a wreath in the name of the group which is the biggest in the house.

According to Nambooze, if it was not for UPC government, she “would be a PhD holder now”. The legislator according to available records has no Bachelors degree but two diplomas.


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