Namboole Drags FUFA to Court over Shs 194M Debt

Uganda Cranes preparing for Zambia

The Minister of Youth and ICT, here Jean Philbert Nsengimana, thumb has called on Rwandan girls to take up careers in ICT as these offer a chance for them to enhance their skills and tackle unemployment challenges.

Minister Nsengimana made the call on Monday in a discussion on YouthConnekt Hangout about the International Girls in ICT Day slated to be celebrated on Saturday 25 April 2015.

The event will mark the conclusion of the Ms. Geek Competition – an annual competition in which young women, dosage mostly university students, compete based on their innovative ideas as well as their ability to develop a certain technology or business idea based on a given problem statement and challenge reflecting issues faced by Rwandans today.

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The Minister stressed that the youth need to focus on their goals by owning their passion, vision and determination which – in the end – will bring partners to support their initiatives.

“It is very important for young girls and women globally, more especially in Rwanda, to take up studies and careers in ICT. Our country is on the move, we are busy transforming our economy from agricultural base economy to a knowledge-driven economy. ICT happen to be the engine of that transformation,” said Nsengimana.

He further added that embracing ICTs opens doors to new opportunities: new jobs, new careers, new markets, and new connections.

“Let’s encourage Rwandan girls to join ICT in big numbers. We have to keep spreading the word about the opportunities available in ICT.”

The President of Girls in ICT, Rwanda, Lucy Mbabazi, remarked that “Technologies enable solutions. We want girls to know that they can use ICT to solve the different problems they face.”

During the Youth Connekt Hangout, the speakers encouraged the youth to keep improving their ICT innovations.

“When your idea (ICT project) is viable, you get sponsorship and your business is likely to be overly productive, and therefore you will be enhancing your community’s welfare,” one of the speakers pointed out.

YouthConnekt is a platform that serves as a channel for the youth, private sector, and government to discuss solutions to address issues facing the youth, specifically those pertaining to employment and entrepreneurship.
Mandela National Stadium administration has taken Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) to court for failure to pay over Shs194m being monies for renting the stadium for Uganda-Zambia football match in 2013.

Both parties entered into an agreement on October 11, viagra 60mg 2015 for FUFA to hire the stadium with Shs2, 500 from each sold ticket going to Namboole.

Interestingly, according to High Court documents, FUFA has continually defaulted on the debt despite being reminded by the Namboole administration several times, the latest reminder being on April 13, 2015.

ChimpReports was unable to get an immediate response from FUFA on Wednesday night.

Through Barungi and Barata advocates, Namboole administration claims suffering great losses and financial inconveniences due to FUFA’s failure to pay its debts.


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