Election 2016

Nakiwala Handed DP Flag for Kampala Woman MP

Nakiwala Kiyingi addresses press after winning the Kampala Woman MP Primaries in Ndeeba

Kampala District Woman MP party primaries for the opposition Democracy Party have today ended successfully at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel in Ndeeba Kampala.

Mrs Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi emerged triumphant, price http://cortrium.com/wp-admin/includes/class-walker-nav-menu-checklist.php polling 41 votes  while Stella Kiryowa Mukama managed 17 and Shefrah Lukwago only 16 votes.

Nakiwala thereafter led a jubilant procession across Kampala town where she vowed to unite all people of the city to victory.

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Nakiwala's procession through Kampala

Nakiwala’s procession through Kampala

“I will ensure that the plight of women of Kampala is addressed, pilule ensuring better standards of living, drug improving health services and batter the employment opportunities for women,” Nakiwala said.

“Thanks to all my fellow contenders for the good competition; I pledge to serve the DP and the people of Kampala through the Democratic Alliance and finally offer you a good representation in parliament.”

Stella Kiryowa congratulated Nakiwala upon the victory and vowed to support her to see that she wins in the 2016 general elections.

Shefra Lukwago was nowhere to be seen to give a comment on the elections.



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