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Nakibinge Breaks Silence On Assasination Threats

TARGETED: Prince Kassim Nakibinge

A few days after the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) informed court that he is set to adduce evidence that the 14 jailed Muslim clerics who are accused of murdering fellow clerics were masterminding a plan to assassinate Prince Kassim Nakibinge, page the latter has come out to revealing that he already knew about the plot but wasn’t taking it serious.

Addressing journalists at his home in Kibuli this afternoon, Nakibinge revealed that having received information that these people were going to stand trial over the plot to murder him, he coordinated with the security agencies to tighten up his security.

“At this material time we should put our trust in the judicial system of this country which is going to try these people, having committed them for trial,” he said.

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Nakibinge further pointed out that basing on what he heard and the information he has received from various security organs; it is undoubted that the assassination plan was in motion.

“I have no personal issues with anybody; it is surprising to see that some groups of people are being used to target me.”

The Prince further pointed out that killing him can’t be the solution to anything and neither will it bring the world to an end.

On Monday 5th September the Director of Public Prosecutor presented to High Court’s International crimes division, an amended charge sheet stating that the 14 accused persons including the Tabliq leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and his brother Shiekh Siraje Kawooya, between December 2013 and June 2015 threatened to attack and murder 7 Muslim clerics including Prince  Nakibinge, Sheikh Kibaate, Sheikh Haruna Jjemba and the two deceased Sheikhs Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan Ibrahim Kirya.

All the accused persons are currently on remand in Luzira and Kigo government prisons as they await their trial.



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