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Najjera: Man Hacked Down by ‘Machete Men’ at His Gate

Police are investigating last night's attack in Najjera

Police have commenced investigations into circumstances under which a couple was attacked by panga-wielding thugs in Najjera, seek Wakiso District on Wednesday morning.

It was around 12:45am when a one Richard man and his wife arrived at the gate of their residence.

They were driving a Ford Explorer brand car.

According to the Police Officer in Charge (OC) of Najjera Police Station, symptoms Kabasi, the man stepped out of the car to open the gate.

In just a blink of an eye, a group of suspected thugs who were waiting from the bush jumped out of the car brandishing pangas.

A family friend told ChimpReports that the thugs beat up the couple, leaving them for dead.

“Richard’s arm was cut with a panga while the pregnant woman was beaten with sticks. The attackers stole the couple’s bags, cell phones, money and other personal items.  Shortly after a car they jumped into disappeared,” said the family friend at the scene of crime.

The residence is just a few metres away from Bulabira Road.

Security conscious 

Kabasi said investigations are underway to trace the suspects. He, however, insisted that the people of Najjera must cooperate with police to fight crime.

“He should not have opened the gate himself. In such an instance, you tell your guard to open the gate and come out with a torch to ensure the neighbourhood is clear of strangers,” said Kabasi.

“All the bushes that provide a sanctuary to thieves must be cleared,” he further advised as he inspected the scene of crime.

Najjera has lately become a hot spot with thieves raiding homes with impunity.

The fast-growing suburb has in recent years attracted Kampala’s middle class, a target for robbers and assassins.

The area has one police station occupied by few police officers. Efforts aimed at eradicating crime through crime prevention and community policing are yet to bear fruit.

Just a few weeks ago, thugs raided Najjera Shell fuel station, stealing 40 gas cylinders. The loot was loaded on a car before the thugs drove off.

The robbers’ confidence shocked the town.

The attacked couple has since received treatment for the wounds sustained in the attack.

Kabasi said the victims are “out of danger.”


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