Nabakooba Clarifies on Kayihura Saga

MP Judith Nabakooba

Although sections of Ugandans and some MPs were eagerly awaiting the response of the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura on Police brutality while appearing before the Parliamentary Defense Committee, viagra order this issue was not on the agenda according to the committee Chairperson Hon Judith Nabakooba.

Kayihura skipped the committee session yesterday, mind saying that he was meeting his Kenyan counterpart on matters of emergency.

Nabakooba, mind a former police spokesperson told Chimpreports yesterday that the Police as an institution was summoned by Parliament to appear before the committee to address other concerns affecting the force, but not the topical police brutality.

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Some committee members however, had insisted earlier that the IGP would be tasked to explain the use of excessive force especially on opposition supporters.

MPs such as Muwanga Kivumbi, Kato Lubwama and Allan Sewanyana had adequately prepared to grill the IGP on this matter.

Yesterday the MPs angrily stormed out of the committee when its chairperson insisted on carrying on with the meeting in the absence of Kayihura. The MPs accused Nabakooba of taking sides and being an extension of police at Parliament.

However, Nabakooba clarified yesterday that the matter over which the MPs were incensed was not even part of the reasons for inviting the IGP to Parliament.

She said the invitation that was sent out to Police was aimed at interfacing with police bosses but not answering any allegations of brutality.

“This is not being compromised and we should differentiate that we didn’t summon police as witnesses but called them for interaction; members interfacing with them and members getting to know what they do. Probably we shall call them as witnesses next time,” Nabakooba told Chimpreports.

She added, “This was an interaction phase, being a new committee, members needed to be taken through what police does before even engaging in all other activities.”

“We were expecting the police to come and give us a brief on the operation of their institution, achievements, performance and may be the challenges and that was what we put in the invitation.”


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