My People Want to Grab Wealth When We Take Power – Besigye Confesses

Dr Kizza Besigye in Mbale earlier today (courtesy photo)

Opposition politician Col Dr Kizza Besigye has continued his tirade on the 1980 armed struggle that ushered in the current NRM regime to power.

Dr Besigye says that while the protracted war ended in success for President Museveni and his team, cialis 40mg http://curcumincapsules.art14london.com/wp-admin/includes/class-language-pack-upgrader-skin.php he (Besigye) would never borrow a leaf from it.

This, he says, remedy is the reason he opted for what he calls a “nonviolent struggle,” to overthrow the 30 year government of President Museveni.

While speaking to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leaders and supporters in Mbale town on Monday afternoon, Besigye explained that picking up guns to follow in the tracks of the NRA guerrilla war would not rid the country of the problem he has been trying to fight.

The armed struggle, Besigye told Mbale, only exacerbates the current “servant – master” kind of relationship which exists between citizens and the people in leadership offices.

The four-time presidential candidate added that in an armed struggle, unlike the nonviolent one, only a few people participate, and when they win, they want to compensate themselves for their suffering, hence looking down on the rest of the population.

“Secondly, most people join in the (armed struggle) for different reasons. When we were in the bush; some of the people we had there were actually robbers. Their purpose of joining us was to hide from the people who were hunting for them, for their crimes,” narrated Besigye.

“In the bush they found fertile ground because they were already used to guns and violence. By the time we came out of the bush they were senior people. These were not in the bush to give power to the people. Even when we talked at the fire place, they told stories and promised themselves that they would be (driving expensive cars) once we captured Kampala. That was their dream.”


Besigye shocked the Mbale meeting, revealing that even in the FDC struggle to take power, some of the people close to him have dreams of enriching themselves when they get into government.

“I have a friend, who from 2001 we have been together. He is a very reliable fighter. But from that time he came to me and told me ‘do you know what I am fighting for? When we take power, please don’t forget, I want to be the market master of Owino,’” Besigye revealed as the meeting exploded in hearty laughter.

“Every time he reminds me; whenever we are struggling he comes to me and says, ‘do you still remember my thing?”

Besigye further revealed that some other people in his group keep saying, “Let us suffer; let them build those malls, one day they will be ours.”

During the lecturer which was part of the ongoing FDC’s nationwide meetings, Besigye emphasized that his struggle is not about self enrichment but changing the mindset of Ugandans to understand that people in leadership positions are servants while the citizens are the masters.

“People must know that when we get to power, they are not going to take the malls. They are not theirs, he said.

In Mbale, where Besigye was first accosted by a heavy police and UPDF deployment, he was accompanied by a number of party leaders including President Gen Mugisha Muntu, the party Chairman Wasswa Birigwa among others.


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