Mwenda: Kagame Makes the Impossible Possible

Mwenda speaking at the National Dialogue in Kigali on Thursday

Ugandan media entrepreneur Andrew Mwenda has given a moving speech at the Rwanda National Dialogue in Kigali, pill insisting the country is in better hands under President Paul Kagame.

Mwenda, information pills who runs the Independent Magazine, said Kagame “dreams about the impossible and makes it possible.”

His presentation won hearts of participants as he used data to augment his views about the government which has been in power since 1994.

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Mwenda submitted that Rwanda’s per capita spending and GDP doesn’t match its infrastructure and economic development.

“Rwanda is a very poor country that governs itself like a rich one,” he argued, giving examples of well paved roads, magnificent hotels, robust armed force and dignity of its people.

The controversial journalist, who sits on Kagame’s advisory council, traced Rwanda’s success story to the “rule of law and equality before the law.”

He noted: “No is above the law, no one can escape the law.”

Mwenda further said Kagame’s personality that rewards excellence and abhors incompetence was equally at the heart of Rwanda’s rise to greatness.

This year’s Umushyikirano Council brings together over 2,000 participants including leaders from both local and central government, according to government officials.

The event is hugely significant in Rwanda’s governance as it provides a unique opportunity to locals to publicly hold their leaders accountable.

Mwenda also cited the Rwandan people’s decision to embrace the leadership of president Kagame as another factor that helped in the turning around the country from blood and ashes to a shinning model of economic development.

The journalist said Rwanda’s impersonal application of public policy, investment in quality infrastructure and legitimacy based on delivery of public goods and services have propelled the country to greater heights.

Mwenda presented statistics by international bodies showing Rwanda as one of the most “efficiently managed” countries. In the same league are Qatar, Singapore, Finland, Hong Kong, UAE, New Zealand and Malaysia.

He also showed that Rwanda is the safest countries in the world.

ChimpReports understands locals in the remote areas were connected via telephone links to contribute to today’s Umushyikirano.

At the end of the two-day event taking place at the Kigali Convention Centre, resolutions will be taken, guiding leaders on the way forward.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Shaping together The Rwanda We Want”.


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