MUST Students Refuse to Return to Class

Students at Mbarara University of Science and students have vowed to carry on with their demonstration pressing for the new re-take policy to be reversed.

The MUST students staged a strike on Monday pressurizing the administration to reduce on the re-take fee from the current UG Shs 50, information pills 000 to UG Shs 20, 000.

In a meeting held yesterday to resolve their grievances, students vowed not to attend any more lectures until Friday when the vice chancellor Obua celestino promised them feedback.

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“Senate makes resolutions on such policies so I have no mandate to remove or change the retake policy; you shall only wait for the response from the senate on Friday”

However, on hearing this, students stressed that they are tired of the “remote vice chancellor” who is ever out of office. They said Obua is ever in Kampala running his other business projects.

Sankara Byaruhanga, one of the BIT students told us that the university officials utilized VC’s absenteeism in office to misappropriate the universities’ funds including internship allowances.

Byaruhanga stressed that the university had a lot of issues to be addressed but the administration was not paying attention.

“We are not just demonstrating for the retake fee, but a number of issues in the university need to be addressed” Sankara said

Dr. Obua in response said the amount of money to be paid for retakes will be pronounced by the senate, but suspended the current retake policy for the mean time.

“It’s unlawful to sabotage the role of the senate; so I will wait for its response before Friday” he said



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