Muslims Sue Police For Raiding Mosques

Police truck parked at Kiwatule mosque following a police last  week

Three Muslims in Kampala have dragged the Attorney General to High Court seeking compensation for what they call violation of their rights when security operatives raided Nakasero and Kiwatule Mosques towards the end of last month.

The three are Habib Buwembo the head of communications at Nakasero Mosque in, more about Kifampa Siraje Nsambu the acting Secretary General of Jamuiyaat Daawat Ssalafiyyah (JDS) Muslim community and Yusuf Musa Masuda a member of the same Association.

The applicants contend that the police and military raid on Nakasero Mosque in the night of 27th/December 2017 without a search warrant was unlawful and infringed on the Muslims right to freely worship their Allah on top of instilling fear amongst them.

He adds that the security operatives arrested and battered whoever they found in the mosque including one of the senior Imams.

The group is seeking an injunction permanently restraining security agents from raiding mosques and using the confiscated items as evidence or exhibits in any case against their jailed brothers.

They also seek for court to declare that the actions of breaking into the mosque on 27th December 2016 without a search warrant as unlawful and at the same time an unjustifiable act.

On top of that, they are seeking a court order to direct the security organs represented by Attorney General to avail them with all items that were confiscated from the mosque as well as compensation to them and the leadership structure of Nakasero Mosque with general, aggravated and punitive damages and also paying for the costs of the whole case.

The applicants claim that one of the confiscated files files contains evidence exonerating their jailed Amir Sheikh Yunus Kamoga from the murder of fellow Muslims sheikhs; Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan Kirya.

Speaking to Chimpreports today, one of the applicants Habib Buwembo called upon all Muslims to keep calm until this matter that is before court is finalized.

“We have decided to take the matter to court to clear the allegations which have been spreading from Security organs that we Muslims are violent yet we are law abiding citizens.”

Police recently explained that the raid on the Nakasero mosque was to find evidence linking to the murder of Seikh Sulaiman Kiggundu who was gunned down in November in Kampala.


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