Musisi Speaks out on Retirement, 5 Years at KCCA

Musisi speaks during the social media interaction in Kampala on Wednesday

As Presidential campaigns slowly come to the climax, this purchase Forum for Democratic Change Presidential Candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye this afternoon returned with a bang to the capital Kampala which he rocked to marrow upon being nominated in NovembBer last year.

Dr Besigye has held a number of successful rallies in all the regions of the country, ask some of which said he himself had never seen in his political carrier.

His opponent and incumbent President Yoweri Museveni too is climaxing his rallies in the central region.

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Ecstatic Besigye supporters kick up the dust in Makindye

Ecstatic Besigye supporters kick up the dust in Makindye

Today, help the opposition candidate was welcomed in the the southern division of Makindye, where he had stopovers in the townships of Kibuli, Kisugu, Kibuye, Namuwongo and Gaba road. Here he addressed thousands of his supporters in the middle of the road, straining the late evening traffic.

At Katwe along the Entebbe Road, Dr Besigye told his supporters that his mission upon being elected President would be to “return Kampala city back to its owners.”

Besigye addresses a rally at Katwe along the Kampala Entebbe Road

Besigye addresses a rally at Katwe along the Kampala Entebbe Road

“We want, once all this is done, to turn Kampala into a modern city,” he said. “Rebuilding this city doesn’t mean chasing its dwellers out of it.”

Clad in his signature stripped blue hoody, Dr Besigye was flanked by among other opposition leaders, the incumbent Lord Mayor of Kampala  Erias Lukwagi

Kampala Capital Authority Executive Director Jennifer Musisi has for the first time since her appointment in 2011 by President Museveni spoken out about retiring as the head of administration in Uganda’s capital.

Responding to a query during a Twitter Question and Answer Session on Wednesday, this web Musisi said she has on several occasions considered retiring only to be convinced to keep on working.

“Yes, I tried retiring 5 years ago but I did not succeed .I am still trying the same and I hope my boss has heard this, ” the KCCA Executive Director said.

Quizzed to explain if he would be willing to work with any other president in case they are elected to lead the country, Musisi said she cannot ask anyone to give her a job because she has a lot of things to do outside KCCA.

“If anyone feels I am not useful any more, I would then take my retirement,” she added.

She revealed that work has smoothly continued at KCCA despite the absence of Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago noting that he works well with all city councillors including those from opposition.

Lukwago was in November 2014 impeached by KCCA councillors who accused him of incompetence and misconduct.

5 Years at KCCA

Musisi said she was proud of the 5 years she has spent as the head of administration in Uganda’s capital adding that a lot has been achieved.

“We have constructed and rehabilitated over 174 km of city roads,4000 street lights replaced,427 solar lights installed plus  increase in revenue by 166 percent from Shs 30.3bn in 2011 to Shs 80.5 bn by the end of the last financial year,” she boasted.

The KCCA Executive Director noted that the ‘e-Citie’, an electronic revenue system has greatly improved and simplified revenue collection in the city plus enhanced transparency and accountability for public funds.

On public health, Musisi noted that over the last 5 years, KCCA has been able to construct 2 modern 170-bed hospitals in Kawempe and Kirudu plus rehabilitation and reconstruction of Kisenyi, and Naguru health centers.

“Garbage collection has grown by over 100 percent from 14,000 tons per month in 2011 to over 30,000 by June 2015. This has been due to procurement of more garbage trucks and skips.”

She mentioned the new modern Wandegeya market which was constructed and opened in 2014 plus others including Busega whose construction is undergoing.

The KCCA Executive Director however said she is facing some challenges such as low finances which have limited her work in the city especially on projects like the railway services.


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