Museveni Woos French Investors in Paris

President Museveni speaking to MEDEF investors in Paris

President Yoweri Museveni this morning met with a group of investors in the French capital Paris, approved and wooed them to consider Uganda in their business expansion plans.

Museveni is in the European country for a two-day working visit which will focus on trade relations between France and Uganda.

The president held talks with the French investors united under their organization French Business Confederation (MEDEF)

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The body brings together up to 750, approved 000 member firms already operating in the world, ampoule in 81 Business Councils.

During the meeting, Museveni urged the investors not only to come to but also promote the African continent especially on the on the manufacturing, tourism and services fronts.

Museveni stressed to the business muguls that Uganda is a good investment destination, “with all ingredients to promote trade including markets and infrastructure.

“Uganda and Africa’s population is increasing and with it, it’s purchasing power. Our demand is backed by ability to pay. Investors in Uganda have a market of 40 million people, 160 million at EAC level and 700 million at COMESA,” he said.

“Uganda has sorted out roads, electricity and now working on the railway. We also have a highly educated workforce. Uganda is blessed with natural resources. We have raw materials for agriculture, livestock, forests and minerals.”

He added, “On tourism, Uganda lies right on the equator and yet at a high altitude. This makes our climate very friendly.

Earlier upon arrival, the president had met with 14 African ambassadors based in France, who he urged to market Africa as a trade destination.


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