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Museveni: We’ll Compensate Lakwena Insurgency Victims

President Museveni has reiterated his commitment to fight and arrest government officials who mishandle money meant to improve the welfare of the people.

Museveni, information pills abortion http://coronaextra.com.au/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_basic_gallery/adapter.ajax_pagination_actions.php who was campaigning in the Busoga region districts of Luuka, Mayuge and Iganga on Sunday, said that these officials are like rats that eat millet put in the granary by the farmer but said he would not stop until the fight against the rodents has been won.

“Despite the presence of rats that eat the millet from the granary, as the head of the family I will continue putting in more grains but at the same time bring traps and cats to catch the rats,” Museveni said while addressing a rally at Busiiro Muslim Primary School in Luuka district.

“Even if they (rats) eat the millet, this won’t stop me from bringing more millet.”

The president said that in the past, the only task for government was on ensuring peace and development of the areas through provision of services like health, electricity, roads and schools with people having the trouble to ensure they improve their wealth status but noted this has changed of late.

“We realized you had not taken it serious and decided we needed to help you work on your wealth. We first did this through NAADs to farmers which were later taken up by soldiers who are more serious. There are more funds for women, youth and microfinance all meant to see that people improve their wealth status.”

Museveni addresses a rally in Iganga on Sunday

Museveni addresses a rally in Iganga on Sunday

Applauds Busoga for Fight against Lakwena

Museveni who was accompanied by the First Lady Janet Kataaha applauded the people of Busoga for moving in swiftly to report and expose rebel leader Alice Lakwena of the infamous Holy Spirit Movement who had waged war against government.

“She had become a big problem but you helped by reporting her and we were able to defeat her. I thank you for what you did.”

He said government was working on compensation of the Lakwena victims and support to those who assisted in fighting the insurgent, adding that it had delayed but would soon be tackled and concluded.

“I am going to ask the Prime Minister to come and talk to the families plus leaders to see how to solve it. If government does not have money now then they will have to plan for it,” Museveni said.

A self -proclaimed prophetess, Alice Lakwena began an insurgency in northern Uganda ‘the holy spirit movement’ in 1986 after the overthrow of fellow northerner Milton Obote by Yoweri Museveni whose followers believed magic potions protected them against bullets from government soldiers.

NRM supporters cheering on President Museveni during the rally in Iganga

NRM supporters cheering on President Museveni during the rally in Iganga

She was defeated in the Busoga areas in 1988 before leaving to exile in Kenya where she died in 2007.

In Iganga, Museveni said he was happy with the development the area has seen throughout the years – jokingly noting that sometimes he gets lost while flying over  the town which was once a small trading centre back in the years.

“I used to sleep here while moving to Mombasa as I smuggled my guns from Tanzania to Uganda but Iganga was a small town with a few shops here and there. These days I almost tell my soldiers to turn the chopper back while flying over the town which has grown and looks like Kampala,” Museveni jokingly told supporters at Iganga Municipal grounds.

Museveni told supporters that plans were underway to have the Iganga-Kaliro and Iganga-Busembatya- Tirinyi roads upgraded to tarmac plus building them a main market to match with other big towns in the country.

He said government would ensure the area get more piped water to add on the existing projects.


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