Museveni Warns Against ‘Copy and Paste’ of ‘Irrelevant’ Foreign Policies

President Yoweri Museveni (in white shirt) poses for a photo with the UN Representative to Uganda Rosa Malango (in red dress) and diplomats, development partners during the policy launch at Imperial Royale Hotel

In yet another of his many anti imperialistic banters, online President Yoweri Museveni has warned policy makers who copy and replicate foreign policies without critically examining their relevancy in Uganda.

He said that policies should be benchmarked along Uganda’s sociocultural and historical lines if they are to have an impact.

The President made the remarks on Friday at Imperial Royale Hotel while launching a new national policy aimed at eliminating gender based violence, price whose prevalence remains high in the country. Statistics indicate that 56% of women are subjected to physical violence while 27% suffer sexual related violence.

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“I am launching this report but with reservations that the necessary amendments be made to make it relevant to the Ugandan society. It needs to be more detailed,” Museveni said.

“Traditionally, parents thought beating up their children was part of helping them grow properly. I too was a victim. But also, women beating their kids was a result of too much work burden and having many children to take care of.”

“Unfortunately, this report doesn’t examine all these push factors of gender based violence. You don’t just pick policies from UN and replicate them here. Uganda isn’t UN and we have our own problems,” he told an audience consisting of diplomats and development partners including the UN Representative to Uganda Rosa Malango.

In equal measure, he warned those who campaign against children engaging in home chores and claim that it constitutes child labor.

He said there should be a clear distinction between child labor and child orientation, placing emphasis on the importance of the latter.

He explained; “Parents expect their children to help them with some work that is non-laborious. They need such orientation to prepare them to become hardworking.”

“Children shouldn’t sit home watching cartoons all day because that is fiction as opposed to work which is real life.”

On the controversial Marriage and Divorce Bill which still awaits approval from Parliament and the President, Museveni called it a ‘delicate issue’ that requires ‘caution’, lest it sparks a civil backlash.

“Issues of marriage need to be discussed in a principled and clever way. The question is whether these women get married for love or for property. Because when you get into marriage for two days, things go wrong and you want to share everything, there’s a problem,” he said.


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