Museveni Wants Fresh Primaries in Kampala – Babu

President Yoweri Museveni

Dr Kizza Besigye has been transferred from Nagalama Police station to an unknown destination, adiposity http://debbiehowes.com/wp-content/plugins/frontier-post/admin/frontier-post-convert-options.php Chimp Corps report.

This followed threats from Besigye’s supporters to use all means to “rescue” their leader.

Besigye was arrested Thursday morning on the directives of RPC Wesley Nganizi at the FDC strongman’s residence in Kasangati, http://cinsellikteperformans.com/templates/yoo_sync/warp/menus/mobile.php Wakiso District.

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Nganizi told Besigye he was under preventive arrest because “we have information you want to cause chaos.”

While the FDC say they intend to hold rallies to mobilise support for 2016 and select candidates to contest in various elective posts on the party ticket, http://chatterblast.com/wp-admin/includes/continents-cities.php Police insist they must coordinate with the law enforcement body to conduct peaceful and lawful assemblies.

Addressing journalists shortly before being arrested, Besigye said, “Police are being used to violate our rights but we won’t allow such to continue.”

He added: “We are proceeding with our programme as had been laid out” in reference to holding rallies and opening offices along the Jinja Road Highway up to Eastern Uganda.

Deputy Police spokesperson Polly Namaye said they took a “preventive action” basing on information that Besigye and other FDC leaders intended to “continue holding unauthorised rallies.”

In related development, while at Nagalama, United Nations officials met with police officials to secure arrest.

A source says the UN administrators protested Besigye’s arrest as a violation of his right to movement.

In the meantime, MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda who was arrested today morning has been taken to Kiira Road Police Station in Kampala for interrogation.

Police insisted Besigye planned to hold rallies which would disrupt peace along the busy Jinja Highway.

Police chief Gen Kale Kayihura came under fire this week over what opposition and civil rights groups described as highhandedness of the law enforcement officers.

But Kayihura defended police’s intervention: “We would have no problem with opening of offices but this is mixed up with unlawful public meetings and we advise them to postpone their program and given notice to police early enough as required by law.”
Fierce internal battles recorded in the past few days have thrown the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party in negative light.

The ongoing lower level party primaries have seen aggrieved members tear up party cards, approved http://coronaextra.com.au/wp-includes/class-phpass.php burn down party offices and exchange bare knuckles over alleged election malpractice.

The squabbles peaked yesterday afternoon when party members from Kampala Central stormed the party headquarters in Kyaddondo accusing the Electoral Commission of failure to organize credible primaries.

The angry members led by Salim Uhuru, page the newly elected Kampala Central Chairperson who is also vying for the city mayoral seat, claimed that the primaries were infested with massive vote rigging.

NRM Electoral Commission boss Dr. Tanga Odoi was unable to tame the bitter members, prompting him to call on police to arrest the situation.

Tanga decided to hold an open petition hearing from only the aggrieved members locking out their supporters.

“The elections that took place yesterday in Kisenyi parish were fraudulent; genuine voters were locked out by hired bouncers of one of the candidates and the presiding officers were rendered silent but only bound to follow decisions by bouncers,” revealed one of the petitioners.

“We can’t accept this theft in broad day light, we will not accept any results from this fraudulent exercise; we either carry out a fresh election or we quit the party,” shouted several petitioners.

According to NRM senior CEC member Capt Francis Babu, what transpired in Kampala Central has left president Museveni who is also the party Chairman disappointed.

“After receiving information of what transpired in Kampala Central in the primaries, president Museveni called me to State House expressing anger and disappointment in the exercise. He asked that we hold a fresh election to determine the party flag bearers in the country’s capital city,” Babu narrated.

“I however informed the Chairman that we cannot base on hearsay to nullify the elections. I asked him to let us first receive and announce results and then attend to the petitions.”

Dr Tanga Odoi was seen announcing election results at around 6:00pm which results further angered members who resorted to tearing party cards denouncing and regretting having ever associated themselves with NRM.

According to the provisional results, Salim Uhuru scoped 2190 votes against his rival Kibeddi who got 3213 votes.



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