Museveni Urges Youths to Sensitize Their Parents On Wealth Creation

President Yoweri Museveni with members of Kanungu Development Association (KYDA) during a get together dinner at Mackinnon Suites in Kampala.

President Yoweri Museveni has called on the youth in the country to sensitize their parents over matters pertaining to wealth creation.

The President made the call last evening at MacKinnon Suites in Kampala while addressing the members of Kanungu Youth Development Association (KYODEA) during a dinner they hosted in his honour.

“Poverty eradication needs to be explained well with particular reference to the youth. The youth need to sensitize their parents and wananchi at large over matters pertaining to wealth creation. You must work to stop the vice of land fragmentation, information pills ” he said.

The main focus of the President’s address was on the promotion of fish farming in Kanungu district in South Western Uganda. The event evolved on the theme: Attitude/mindset change for youth in development.

President Museveni noted that the people of Kigezi Sub-Region and other parts of the country have the big challenge of land fragmentation.

He observed that families in Kanungu district have got an average of 2.8 acres of land each. He, therefore, challenged the leaders in the area in particular and the country at large to sensitize the people over the bad practice of land fragmentation that is evident in society. He added that the bad practice of land fragmentation particularly occurs upon the demise of the family heads.

He warned that bad human settlement can immobilize land and attributed the current bad trend to the past leaders who never bothered to educate the people over the issue.

He asked the current leaders to toil and stop the vice of land fragmentation. He said that instead of fragmenting land family members should strive to have their pieces of land consolidated so that they share the income that accrues from the production ventures that they might carry out on the land.

President Museveni urged the youth and wananchi at large to learn the culture of saving as well as maintaining discipline. He particularly cautioned them against alcoholism.

Mr. Museveni announced a donation of Shs. 20 million to boost the operations of the Savings and Credit Co-operative Organization of KYODEA and further pledged support to their fish-farming project.  He reminded them that there are 4 main sectors that can be harnessed for income generation and singled out agriculture and livestock farming as the main sector. He informed them that in the second place are industries, followed by services and Information Communication Technology (ICT). He noted that Public Service, which is in the fifth place, only employs 400,000 people.

President Museveni, therefore, informed the Kanungu youth that modern agriculture and livestock management is the key towards poverty eradication. He added that in countries such as Israel, Germany, the United States of America and Australia, farmers are well-educated people. He said that as the youth were equally well educated, they have share similar potentials with those in the developed countries and, therefore, they have immense opportunities to do well in the farming sector.



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