Museveni: Uganda ‘Most Democratic Country’ in the World

Museveni arrives at Kampala Serena Conference Centre where he delivered the State of the Nation Address

President Museveni has described Uganda as the best democracy in the world amid criticism of crushing dissent.

Opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye remains in jail over charges related to subversion, medicine http://challengeidee.fr/wp-content/plugins/wp-pagenavi/scb/options.php with activists accusing government of suppressing civil liberties.

Human rights groups have since criticized Museveni’s government of high handedness in dealing with opposition and independent media.

However, http://dcointl.com/wp-admin/includes/ms-admin-filters.php delivering the State of Nation address in Kampala on Tuesday, http://causestudio.co/wp-admin/includes/class-core-upgrader.php Museveni laughed at critics who accuse him of human rights abuses and being undemocratic.

“Having followed closely world and historical events for the last 50 years, I am not aware of any society anywhere in the world that is more democratic than Uganda as far as the forms and structures of democracy are concerned,” said Museveni.

He added: “’I have been hearing some circles talking of “political reforms”.  Modesty is not always a virtue.  The fact of the matter is that Uganda has already carried out the “most advanced political reforms”’.

The head of state said the architecture of the current democracy was put in place by, mainly, by the freedom fighters, working along with the other delegates of the Constituent Assembly (CA), who had been fighting for democracy for a long time both here and in other parts of Africa.

“How many other countries in the world have special representation for the women, for the youth, the disabled, the workers or the soldiers?” Museveni wondered.

“’We have also done away with the sub-colonialism of the colonial and the time following the end of colonialism, before the advent of the NRM leadership.  This is, for instance, the first time we have a Member of Parliament representing the IK people who had been described as the “vanishing tribe of Africa” by one writer in the 1960s.’”

Opposition challenge 

During his speech, opposition figures displayed banners with inscriptions calling for Dr Besigye’s release from Luzira Prison.

Others walked out of the Kampala Serena Conference Centre where the function was taking place.

Museveni gave examples of Tepeth, Ssesse Islands and Buvuma Island as being represented in Parliament which he said demonstrated his government’s commitment to full representation of all people in the country.

“I do not know why I forgot the people of Kome Island whom I intend to visit in the near future.  The people of Sigulu Island already have an MP. Our democratic structure is comprehensive, thorough and massive.  It is not easily rivaled,” he added, confidently.

“The only pollution to this glorious and massive Liberation Movement has been the mistake of the careerists introducing the use of money in electioneering.  We shall also struggle against that.  Therefore, democracy is one area where we do not need aid because that is what we fought for here and in the rest of Africa for many decades.”


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