Museveni to Soldiers, Cops: Avoid High Salary Demand

Museveni at the armed forces thanksgiving ceremony at Kololo on Saturday morning

The Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has asked his men and women in uniform to avoid demanding for high salaries.

According to President Museveni, cost building capacity has been and should as well be maintained as the number one priority in the agenda of all security organs and enhancing of salaries to follow later.

President Museveni made the appeal Saturday while addressing thousands of UPDF, Uganda Police Force and Uganda Prisons Service officers at the event in Kololo Ceremonial Grounds organized to appreciate the service men and women for a Job well done in administering security during the election period.

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“There is one very important thing. Soldiers and police officers should avoid high salary demands for now,” Museveni said as officers quietly listen.

Museveni made reference to when he was still at school and soldiers would use loans and salaries to buy luxurious items like cars and when the war finally comes the pompous officers died like chicken.

“In the past when I was still in secondary, soldiers fantasized salaries and many of them ventured into buying cars and the rest. Just a 2nd lieutenant would be driving,” Museveni said.

During 1970s and 80s cars were very few and only in the hands of the society’s powerful.

“When the war eventually strikes they died like nothing since they were never prepared for it but engaged in luxuries.”

The President maintained that the money is for buying weapons not salaries.


He stated that NRM has a unique strategic vision that has made the UPDF a reliable and a robust defense organ using very limited resources.

“The NRM has a unique vision for security and strategies. Our plans have made UPDF a reliable and a robust force in a very small economy,” he added.

The NRM and the UPDF metamorphosed from National Resistance Army and are now the political and defense wings respectively.

Officials said the UPDF has defeated over a dozen rebel groups with the last one being the Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony who fled to the Central African Republic.

The UPDF has also ventured into the deadly stabilisation missions in Somalia where the American Marines fled after a terrible humiliation and lost about 2 dozen forces and a military plane in 1993.

The UPDF entered Mogadishu in 2007 under the United Nations and African Union joint mandate.

Somalia has since been partially stabilized with economic activities resuming – the biggest being the reopening of Mogadishu Stock Exchange market in 2012 after about two decades.

The UPDF is credited for averting a possible genocide in South Sudan in December 2013 when it rolled to capital Juba just in two days after a bloody internal fight had started between the SPLA soldiers.

Museveni expressed that Uganda will never require any intervention from the United Nations concerning any military attack.

According to the president, UPDF is ready for any military eventuality at home and abroad.

He did not spare the western donors whom he said rejected to give tangible support towards the development of the defence forces.


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