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Museveni to Rwenzori: Sectarianism Breeds Unrest

Museveni being welcomed by Omusinga Mumbere in Kasese district on Sunday

President Museveni has told the people of Kasese district in particular and Uganda as a whole that sectarianism cannot and does not promote peace.

“If you have an ideology of sectarianism you cannot have peace. NRM brought in peace because it does not practice sectarianism, sildenafil medications ” he said.

The President made the remarks at the Kasese Secondary School Donors’ Conference that took place on Sunday in Kasese District and Shs.237.6 million was realized.

Scores were killed in the Rwenzori ethnic clashes in 2014.

The conference was held to raise funds for the rehabilitation of a 9-classroom block, promote sports and support to more teachers.

The institution that was established by Kasese Catholic Diocese and is assisted by the Government has got 1,050 students and 53 teachers.

During the conference, President Museveni’s portrait was auctioned at over Shs.53 million. The heifer that the President auctioned fetched Shs.20 million.

President Museveni expressed happiness to learn that the people of Kasese District were speaking the language of peace and development adding that conflicts would not auger well for the development of their area in general and individual citizens as well.

He reminded them that the elements who are promoting conflicts in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were spoiling the market for Uganda’s products like cows and other products.

Mr. Museveni informed the School’s donors’ Conference that Shs.3.9 billion that was recently spent on the institution’s buildings was provided by the Government of Uganda Government through a loan from the African Development Bank (ADB).

He informed the school community and guests that the NRM Government plans to build teachers’ houses adding that schools should have a standard number of teachers to enable Government provide sufficient funds for their salaries. He stressed that parents should not be pressurized as regards payment of teachers’ salaries adding that such pressure leads them to being over-charged.

President Museveni thanked all the people who have contributed towards the promotion and construction of the school.

He reiterated that education was meant to enable people have a livelihood. He said the NRM Government was ready to take up the community schools in the District adding that the 2 schools that he pledged to assist, would be facilitated.

He pledged a donation of Shs.80 million and out of it paid Shs.20 million in cash. He also launched The Snow Magazine, which is published by the School.

Regarding employment, the President said that commercial agriculture, industries, services and ICT were the sectors that contribute towards creation of employment opportunities. He urged students to do marketable subjects that would assure them of employment.

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Sports, Hon. Jessica Alupo revealed that the Government programmes were playing a major role in increasing access to education.

Defence Minister, Dr. Crispus Kiyonga, while welcoming the President to Kasese District disclosed that a total of 13 schools in the District have been assisted by the Government of Uganda.

The King of Rwenzururu, Omusinga Charles Mumbere, saluted President Museveni for the development that has been realized in the district in particular and Uganda as whole. He disclosed that the Obusing bwa Rwenzururu fully supports President Museveni.

He further thanked the President for supporting Kasese Secondary School. He donated 20 bags of cement to the school and said he was proud to be an OB of the institution.

Kasese district LC 5 Chairman, Mr. Durra Mawa, commended the President for supporting education in the District. He thanked him for ensuring the defeat of ADF. He also revealed that the bridges that were damaged by floods in the District recently, were being built.

Kasese Catholic Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev. Francis Acquirinus Kibira commended the President’s support that enabled Kasese Secondary School to be among the 77 schools in the country to benefit from the ADB loan.

He reminded the people not to take for granted the peace that country is enjoying.


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