Museveni to Permanent Secretaries: Serve Uganda with Dedication, Honesty

President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has urged all accounting officers in government Ministries and departments at all levels to diligently serve Uganda with dedication and honesty so that the country can realize her socio-economic transformation agenda.

Addressing government Accounting Officers who included Permanent Secretaries and those from autonomous government bodies and departments at State House, and Entebbe on Tuesday afternoon, site the President reminded them that as controllers of government money, contracts, supervisors of government personnel and being responsible for originating and formulating of government policy, the Accounting Officers occupy a special place in the transformation process of Uganda.

He said that it is because of their special positions and roles that their posts are not merely given by anybody but given and protected by the Constitution of Uganda adding that they, therefore need to serve with extra commitment to transform Uganda from a peasantry society to a modern country.

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“You should see yourselves as an integral part of the movement to transform Uganda. You are our frontline soldiers in this struggle and you need to do all that is within your means for the good of your country,” the President said.

“We cannot keep a peasant population in a modern era otherwise we risk extinction because a peasant population cannot adapt to modern way of life. We can’t have a generation of peasants produce another generation of peasants. That is why we introduced free education for all because education is a stimulus to social transformation. We should transform our population from a manual to an intellectual labour force,” he said.

Accounting officers in attendance of the meeting on Tuesday

Accounting officers in attendance of the meeting on Tuesday

Mr. Museveni, who earlier took the Accounting Officers through the different development phases that Uganda has gone through starting from colonial time, expressed concern that overtime, civil servants have for long been detached from the population and that this has been made worse by the politically elected leaders who have also created a gap between themselves and the population leaving citizens isolated and service delivery largely poor.

The President told the Accounting Officers that the mission of the Movement Government is patriotism as opposed to sectarianism, Pan-Africanism, promoting social-economic transformation of Uganda and promoting democracy. He said that the four summarise the minimum critical pillars of development of Uganda and urged everyone to embrace them for the prosperity of our country.

“Our national prosperity is more important than everything else. I don’t care about your social lives or anything else you are doing socially or otherwise as long as you work for our national prosperity and unity,” he said.

Mr. Museveni reminded civil servants that the Ugandan economy is a growing private led economy and asked them to always create a conducive environment for the private sector to do business especially by addressing issues that increase the cost of doing business, doing away with red tape and avoiding corruption.

“By delaying decision making, you become enemies of the people because it makes it difficult for the private sector to transform the economy,” he said.

He directed the Accounting Officers to promote the ‘buy Uganda campaign’ by buying products made in Uganda in order to promote local industries and stop importing products that can be sourced locally. He also called on civil servants to increase the supervision of their respective Ministries and Departments noting that lack of supervision accounts largely for poor service delivery in the country. He called for teamwork, which he said, was important for their success at work.

The President urged them popularize and inform the population all the time about the on-going and the accomplished government programmes using the much available mass media.

Mr. Museveni urged the Accounting Officers to resist any kind of pressure and influence from the political class noting that Accounting Officers are mandated by the constitution to do their work without any influence. He promised to stand with them as long as they are doing the right thing for the good of Uganda.


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