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Museveni to Face Furious NRM MPs

President Yoweri Museveni faces furious MPs on Thursday

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is finally set to meet majority of the disappointed National Resistance Movement Members of Parliament on Thursday.

The meeting, see http://cuveeboutiquespa.com/site/wp-includes/deprecated.php according to messages sent by the Government Chief Whip’s office to the ruling party MPs, is tactfully going to happen at the President’s official home; Entebbe State House where Museveni has significant leverage in case Caucus members revolt.

The sitting is to finally name the few lucky MPs who scooped positions in Parliamentary leadership.

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Over 200 NRM MPs who did not make it to the Cabinet list scrambled to apply with the hopes to at least become Chairpersons of committees at Parliament or be sent to continental and global assemblies to represent Uganda.

Unfortunately only 3 positions were there for Commissioners of Parliament, 26 for both sessional and standing committees of Parliament and only 5 members for Pan African Parliament and the Common Wealth Assembly.

All the positions were filled two weeks ago during a Central Executive Committee meeting at State House.

CEC’s decision has however been tightly kept secret until tomorrow’s meeting.

When contacted on phone, the Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa confirmed Thursday’s meeting but declined to divulge details.

“Caucus is going to sit tomorrow at Entebbe State House in the afternoon. It’s just one of the normal sittings and nothing much to say,” Nankabirwa said on phone.


The disappointed members are expected to react.

The last Caucus meeting at State House generated strong reactions from MPs.

MPs were bitter with the appointment of ex-officio and opposition members to Cabinet.

Several NRM MPs who applied to chair different committees told ChimpReports that there were fishy games being played which should be explained to them.

“We struggled to apply for positions but we have learned that some of our colleagues who did not apply for anything were called on phones to do so for specific positions. If they knew the people they wanted why did they waste our time to apply?” a furious MP who asked not to be named said.


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