Museveni to Comment on Age Limit at the “Right Time;” Warns “Fascist” Opponents


President Yoweri Museveni, who has been watching on the sidelines as opponents and supporters of the constitutional amendment to eliminate age limit tore each other apart, has promised to come out soon and give his views on the contentious subject.

The debate to amend Article 102(b) of the constitution according to President Museveni, is just getting started.

He promised in a Friday statement, “I will give my views at the right time.”

The age limit amendment which is being pushed through a private member bill by Mp Raphael Magezi, last week caused unprecedented chaos in parliament, prompting security agents to uncharacteristically storm the house chambers and arrest mostly opposition MPs who had stalled parliament business.

But now with the bill tabled and referred to the parliamentary legal affairs committee, opponents promise to continue pushing a citizen based offensive to stop the NRM MPs who dominate Parliament to pass the bill.

These have since launched campaigns such as the Kogikwatako and the “Red Ribbon” through which they are rallying the masses to resist the amendment.

President Museveni statement, which was addressed specifically to one of the pro-age limit MPs Robert Kyagulanyi, called some of these efforts unacceptable because they entail intimidation and violence.

“Those are fascist methods,” he said. “Let everybody speak his mind freely and without threats. We shall confront and defeat anybody who intimidates or threatens our peace.”

Museveni’s position on the age limit issue, despite his loud silence, might not be hard to predict.

Recently when asked by reporters at State House for a comment, declined and urged them to let MPs handle it. Pushed further about his age, abilities to perform, the he referred them to medical doctors.

This week the NRM chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa, said that even if President Museveni is opposed to the age limit amendment, cabinet fully supports and that he would not be able to change their mind.


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