Museveni to Attend Second Presidential Candidates Debate

President Museveni told Press at the Nakasero State Lodge that he will be attending the second Presidential Debate

With only 9 days to the general elections, cure the Citizens Elections Observers Network (CEON) has expressed concern over the insufficient voter education conducted by stakeholders.

CEON Communications Specialist, viagra buy Charity Ahimbisibwe observed that to a larger extent, the Electoral Commission (EC) has been slow in executing vital programs that would ensure free and fair elections in the country.

“Most Ugandans still haven’t got their National IDs as well as Voter location slips, which makes them ineligible to vote,” she said during a press briefing on Voter Apathy and Bribery, which was convened by the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy (CCEDU) at Serena Hotel in Kampala.

“The EC is letting us down; it has done less in voter education and the electorate is ignorant on the process which might increase voter apathy in the coming elections,” Ahimbisibwe noted.

Meanwhile, CEON dismissed insinuations in the media that heavy police deployment during the election time will discourage people from going to the polls.

“While there’s common perception that heavy police presence creates apathy, on the contrary our findings show that people feel more secure to vote when there’s police presence.”

“We found out that when people see heavy deployment, they are sure that they have security,” she added.

“In all areas where initially there wasn’t heavy deployment during bi-elections like the Ntungamo bi-elections, people did not show up but when there was deployment, they came. We have all the statistics and data to that fact,” she added.
President Yoweri Museveni has confirmed attendance to the oncoming Presidential Candidates Debate according to reports from the Nakasero.

Museveni informed journalists at the Nakasero State Lodge on Tuesday afternoon, cost http://debbieschlussel.com/wp-admin/includes/image-edit.php that he would be partaking in the debate slated for Saturday February 13th at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

The incumbent president who is carrying the ruling NRM party’s flag declined to attend the first debate on January 15th, site http://communityseven.com/ext/sitesplat/badge/migrations/v10x/m3_cron_data.php citing his tight campaign schedule.

Equating the debate to a “school talking competition, http://ctrdv.fr/pmb_mallette/opac_css/includes/divers.inc.php ” Museveni said he wouldn’t abandon his rallies to be part of it. He stressed at a press conference in Rwakitura that if he had time, he would have joined in.

Owing to the fact that his campaigns end on February 16th, it has since been speculated that Museveni would also miss the second round, which will be centered majorly on Foreign Policy.



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