Museveni to Attend  Obote Memorial Lecture

President Yoweri Museveni is expected at the 5th Apollo Milton Obote Memorial lecture which is scheduled for October 17 at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala.

The event is organized by the Friends of Apollo Milton Obote Association which is chaired by Dr. Moses Apiliga, the former Minister of Supplies in the second Obote government of 1980-85.

Dr. Apiliga told reporters at the UPC offices at Uganda House that President Museveni like other political leaders has been invited to the memorial lecture.

“As we all know, Dr. A. M. Obote was the founding father of this nation; receiving the instruments of power from the British colonialists; this year we celebrate 55 years since that momentous occasion,” Apiliga said.

“The lecture will reflect on sharing knowledge, appraise ourselves through the passage of time; we are to take stock of what happened, what we have done well, what mistakes we made and what lessons can be learned to help us for the future,” Apiliga said.

He further said it was unfortunate that Obote is not around as the members celebrate his achievements which speak volumes to date.

“At the age 37 years, he became a Prime Minister, a daunting task if ever there was one; he still remains Uganda’s youngest leader to ascend to power, moreover in a totally different environment from the one we know today. He stood tall in his accomplishments in his service to Uganda from 1962-71 and 1980-85.”

 “This year we again mark his legacy with a memorial lecturer to be delivered by Prof. Patrick Lumumba, former Director of Kenya Law School and a renowned Pan-Africanist and mentor.”


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