Museveni to Attend Muslim Unity Prayers

President Yoweri Museveni is expected at the unity prayers between the rival Muslim factions scheduled for Friday at Old Kampala.

Four Muslim factions including the mainstream Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), treatment medical the Uganda Tablique Community, buy Jamuiyat Daawa Salafiyya and the SPIDQA Foundation have organized unity Juma(prayers) ‘to consolidate the harmony between themselves that started early last year.’

A statement released on Tuesday by the UMSC spokesman Haji Nsereko Mutumba said the differences between the four groups have been settled.

“This particular unity Juma is aimed at consolidating the existing Muslim unity in Uganda which was realized on 20thJanuary 2015 when H.E the Mufti of Uganda Shk. Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje met the Amiir Ummah Shk. Muhammad Yunus Kamoga and Amiir Daula Shk. Sulaiman Kakeeto and they resolved to bury their past misunderstandings, pills ” part of the statement reads.

“The unity was in respect of Allah’s commandment in the Holy Quran which says; ‘And hold firmly to the rope of God, all of you, and do not be divided. And remember the favor of Allah (God) upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers….’ Holy Quran 3:103”

The statement added that during the same unity Juma, there will be a special prayer of thanking Allah for the successes He has bestowed upon Ugandan Muslims in the past 15 years of the current UMSC administration.

Muslims will also pray for peace before, during and after the presidential and general elections that are scheduled for 18th February 2016.

The second biggest Muslim faction that sits at Kibuli is however not going to be part of the unity prayers.

Muslims in the country split into two about a decade ago over the sale of faith body lucrative properties mainly in Kampala. Later splinter groups declared separate leaderships including the Tablique community who sits at Nakasero Mosque.

The Tablique community leader, Sheikh Kamoga is also still at Luzira prisons since he was denied bail in September last year. Kamoga and eight others were charged with terrorism, murder and attempted murder of fellow Muslim clerics.

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