Museveni Thankful for 70 Years of ‘Excellent Health”

President Yoweri Museveni took a public HIV/AIDS Test in November last 2013

President Yoweri Museveni has said he is thankful for the 70 years he has lived without a major bodily disorder.

This was entailed in a strong worded dossier he issued on Friday in which he rebuked a group of Ugandans that allegedly forged his own letter to the deceased Libyan President Col Muammar Gadaffi.

The forgers purported in the letter that the President was contacting his Libyan counterpart about among others his terminal ailment that necessitated that he consults some German medics.

Museveni described the talk about his ill-health as fiction and termed the forgers of the letter as Abatemu, pilule Abanyaanda and Abazigu (Runyankore for criminals, opportunists and enemies).

He said on the contrary, that he has had a perfectly good health though his life except for a few sporadic sicknesses.

“Fortunately, in the whole 70 years of my life, God has given me excellent health save for occasional malaria attacks, coughs or mild allergic reactions in the nose,” he said.

“Even today, there are hardly any physical exertions that I cannot undertake except squatting which I find a bit uncomfortable these days.”

Museveni revealed that with the help of his intelligence team, some of the forgers had been traced and apprehended and are currently being held by Police.

The president has previously explained some of the practices that have kept him healthy and in good shape, among them good diet and a strong distaste for alcohol.

He told youths at Kololo independence in February that he had managed to keep his body in shape because he doesn’t drink or smoke cigarettes.

“I have never in my life tasted Alcohol. I am now 70 years but if you want to bring chaos here, we’ll brawl.”

“My body is clean. I don’t smoke cigarettes. You find someone busy burning their lungs…setting your own lungs alight. I have also kept myself in shape because I don’t engage in sexual immorality, or spend money lavishly,” said.

Earlier in November, Museveni surprised the nation when he went for a public HIV/AIDs test in Kampala.

He took the test to encourage millions of untested Ugandans to check their status, a critical step to stemming the spread of the virus.


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