Museveni Survived Crash in Capt. Mukula’s Junk Helicopter – Officials

Mike Mukula's Helicopter according according to Civil Aviation Authority did not meet the minimum aviation standards

MPs on the Committee of Statutory and State Enterprises (COSASE) on Thursday were stunned, approved hearing that President Yoweri Museveni could have been killed while flying in an uncleared and unsafe helicopter owned by Captain Mike Mukula during the recently concluded presidential campaigns.

The revelation was made by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)’s Regulations Director  Samuel Muneza while appearing before the committee to answer to among others audit queries raised in the 2014/2015 Auditor General’s report.

The matter came up for discussion after COSASE member Hon Elijah Okupa tasked CAA to explain the recent bad blood between Capt. Mukula and CAA.

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This follows a series of reports and allegations made by Mukula that the Authority is frustrating his efforts to establish a flying school in the country. The school has apparently been denied operation license by the Authority.

The Authority labeled Mukula’s allegations as false saying he failed to fulfill the requirements and there was no way they could issue him with a license.

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CAA officials meeting with COSACE Mps on Friday

CAA officials meeting with COSACE Mps on Friday

CAA’s Muneza told the committee that they were shocked on learning that the helicopter that Mukula had offered to the president for his campaigns fell short of the air transport safety standards which forced CAA to warn the Special Forces Command (SFC) not to use Mukula’s chopper for the president’s transport.

“We demanded documentations to that helicopter and we found out that the helicopter belonged to a Kenyan company and the license that was supposed to be used ,limited its operation to domestic flights in Kenya. It was not supposed to fly into Entebbe,” Muneza said.

“We stopped him because it was illegal and told him to go back to the Kenyan authorities to review the scope of the working license to include regional operations.”

Muneza added that the authority was further shocked on learning that the helicopter’s safety validity was below the normal standard of one year.

“We looked at the safety aspect of the helicopter, and got scared for Museveni’s safety; we shared these concerns quietly with SFC that the aircraft is dangerous to our Excellency advising not to use it.”


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