Museveni Speaks Out on Sick Hand

Museveni through his recent trip to Japan had his right hand swollen and bandaged

President Yoweri Museveni has come out allay fears and concern that he might be seriously sick; saying that it is only a fractured finger bone he is nursing.

Museveni, seek who moments ago arrived in New York in the United States has appeared in a number of photographs with his right hand bandaged.

He also uses his left hand for greetings and several other activities.

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In a brief statement issued on Thursday, information pills Museveni revealed that his right hand was hit by a car door and one of his metacarpal bones was fractured.

No handshakes

No handshakes

This he says was only realized moments later when he went for an ex-ray.

“When I was going to Japan, while in a hurry, I strongly hit my right hand against the door of the car. The doctor applied some anti-inflammation gel when there was some swelling,” he explained.

“We did not concentrate on it because it did not hurt but remained slightly discomforting. When later an x-ray was done, it was discovered that there was a small spiral fracture on the metacarpal bone of the right last finger (akahara) which is being managed conservatively.”

The President says the hand doesn’t hurt except when direct pressure is applied on it.

“That is why I use the left hand to greet. Managing conservatively means using a bandage for two weeks,” he said.



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