Museveni Should Walk the Talk on Fighting Corruption – Planning Authority

National Planning Authourity (NPA) Chairman Dr. Kisamba Mugerwa addressing journalists on Thursday along with Joseph Muvawala (R) the NPA Executive Director

Uganda’s planning body National Planning Authority (NPA) has Thursday released the road map to the realization of Uganda’s middle income status by 2020 and progress to an upper income category by 2032.

This ambitious vision implies that the country will be targeting to attain a per capita income of about Ugshs 33, mind 000, side effects 000 (USD 9,500) in 2040 from the current USD 700.

President Museveni during his inaugural speech after swearing in for his fifth Presidential term in May emphasized this vision as one that his government will prioritize.

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Countries categorized as middle income are those whose per capita of gross income starts from USD 1,000 to USD 12,000.

While addressing a news conference, Dr. Kisamba Mugerwa the Chairman National Planning Authority noted that the status is achievable given the political will that has been demonstrated by the President in majority of his recent remarks.

“The President’s will to improve livelihoods of communities and zero tolerance to corrupt officials gives us the courage that middle income status can be realized. We hope that he walks the talk. Furthermore, the ruling party’s manifesto is well aligned with the national development agenda,” Mugerwa said on Thursday.

Mugerwa added that government has made several attempts to address poverty through Operation Wealth Creation among other interventions like the Youth fund and Women fund. According to NPA, poverty levels have reduced from 31 percent in 2009 to the current 19 percent.

However, there are disparities by region ranging from 7.3 percent in Central region to 74 percent in the North East.

The Planning Authority also holds that President Museveni’s commitment to deal with individuals in government who delay decision making on investment is a step in the right direction.

They however say that certain economic and social impendments that threaten this 2020 ambition need to be addressed. Among them is population increase, quality of services being delivered, increasing exports as well as ensuring that MDAs and Local Governments strategic plans are aligned to the national development plan.

The NPA Chairman also stressed that achieving middle income status isn’t solely the responsibility of government but will require individual will.

Joseph Muvawala the Executive Director NPA commented on the issue of family planning which is critical in Uganda’s economic growth. He said; “If Uganda’s GDP grows, it should be supplemented with a reduction in population. Much as Uganda’s fertility rate has reduced, the productivity of our population is also worrying.”

Muvawala advises that government undertakes ‘urgent radical changes’ in the land tenure system throught taxation of un-utilized land and investment in farmer cooperatives which will then stimulate agricultural productivity through creation of markets.


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