Election 2016

Museveni Says he Wanted to Become Bishop; Warns on War in Uganda

Museveni arrives for a rally during the election campaigns this year

As one of the ways to reduce traffic congestion, viagra sale http://centroilponte.com/wp-admin/includes/widgets.php Uganda’s capital, http://cgt06.fr/wp-includes/canonical.php Kampala is set to have a number of 6-lane roads, http://codapostproduction.com/wp/wp-includes/load.php President Yoweri Museveni has revealed.

While addressing supporters at Makerere University Business School playgrounds in Nakawa Division on Thursday afternoon, the NRM presidential candidate said he had realized that the only solution to the ever increasing traffic congestion is constructing other roads which are a bit wider than the present ones.

“We have the Northern Bypass from Namboole to Busega and we are expanding it to become a 6- lane road unlike these small roads you are used to where the left is one lane and so is the right, ” Museveni said .

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“The Southern Bypass from Namboole- Mbuya -Muyenga- Munyonyo up to Entebbe road will also be a 6-lane carriage and these to help ease transport and reduce on traffic jam.”

Excited NRM fans display their support of president  Museveni

Excited NRM fans display their support of president Museveni

Museveni said that government has plans to construct roads above the existing ones so as to maximize space as well as reducing traffic congestion in the city citing another road from Kampala to Jinja to be constructed plus widening the Kampala –Mpigi highway to a 6-lane road.

Traffic jams causes pollution and affects the tempo of doing business in a country.

Museveni emphasized the issue of roads most especially in Kampala, citing the Entebbe-Busega Express Highway with a branch to Munyonyo, Namboole- Namanve- Seeta- Mukono and the Seeta-Namugongo-Matugga- Wakiso- Buloba up to Nsangi roads as some of those to help reduce congestion in the city.

The rally attracted thousands of fans

The rallies attracted thousands of fans

The NRM presidential candidate urged the people of Kampala to embrace unity as this would help them prosper and develop, saying segregating people basing on tribes and religions will not take them anywhere.

Museveni said he owes his wealth to the people of Kampala whom he said buy his milk, beef and matooke unlike the people from his homeland who also produce the same products.

“Sudan, DRC, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda all buy my products and that is the unity we want. To develop our country we have to believe in Uganda and Africa as a continent not in tribes and religions. These 2 must be there but people should not be segregated according to tribes and religions,” the NRM presidential candidate advised.

The rally attracted thousands of supporters in Kampala.

Museveni receives gifts symbolising power and authority

Museveni receives gifts symbolising power and authority

Musevei promised to ensure 6-lane roads are built in Kampala

Musevei promised to ensure 6-lane roads are built in Kampala

President Yoweri Museveni has said had it not been a number of things to distract him, link http://cmlsociety.org/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php he was destined to become a Bishop.

Museveni made the revelation on Thursday afternoon at MUBS playgrounds in Kampala while addressing NRM supporters during his campaign rally.

“I was going to become a Bishop because I was strong in religion but God gave me another job and I dropped being a Bishop, story http://cycling.today/wp-includes/revision.php ” Museveni told thousands of excited supporters on Thursday.

The NRM presidential candidate said that despite having been chosen by God to take another path of leading Uganda, he is still a strong believer and well conversant with the Bible.

President Museveni admires a statue given to him

President Museveni admires a statue given to him

 Curses Disturbing Uganda

Museveni however noted that the curses onto Adam and Eve after sinning are still disturbing Uganda leading to problems like swindling of public funds the country is facing.

“It seems you have forgotten what the Bible says that when Eve tempted Adam and they ate the forbidden fruit, they were sent away from the Garden of Eden. God cursed them and it is those curses disturbing us when some wolves swindle money meant for you.”

He added:  ”You gave me authority as the head of the family to lead Uganda. I have grown millet but on putting it in the granary, rats are eating the millet. I will not stop growing and keeping my millet in the granary but will get traps and cats to kill the rats.”

Museveni said that like his soldiers of the NRA never knew how to shoot while they were beginning the bush war, as time went on they learnt what to do with the gun.

He said after the introduction of people like Jennifer Musisi in Kampala, he has been able to fight swindling of government money meant to provide services to the people.

Excited supporters of President Museveni pose for pictures at MUBS

Excited supporters of President Museveni pose for pictures at MUBS

The presidential candidate blasted opposition politicians whom he said are preaching evil against his government yet they were fed and looked after by his government noting that such politicians should be shunned.

“They are intimidating people with war talk but I want to assure you that no one can bring war here. If anyone just does any stupid mistake and dares to start war, we shall demolish them. I don’t stop anyone from talking rubbish but if they dare wage war, they will be finished,” Museveni warned.


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