Museveni Says Allowing Vendors on Streets is Comitting Suicide

President Museveni has broken the silence, cheap supporting the ongoing operation by KCCA and police to evict vendors from the streets of Kampala.

Responding to a journalist question on Wednesday evening at the new Luweero State Lodge, treat Museveni said it looked awkward seeing people doing business in the middle of the roads, sick while disrupting other people.

“We have been sleeping so much but we have woken up,” he stated. “Time for order in the city is now…Everything has to be in its rightful order. When I remove a cup from the table to another place, many people make noise but it is the right thing to do.”

Museveni said on top of the existing ones, government will create more markets to accommodate the vendors.

He noted these vendors obstruct shops on top of blocking the pavements to be used by pedestrians, something he said was not right.

“I met them and told them that going to the markets is the solution. Those making noise over these vendors are only engaged in cheap politics.”

He added, “If you trade on streets, shops will not operate and soon they will collapse. We shall not have taxes .This is like Al Shabaab who commit suicide. Allowing people on the streets is like committing suicide.”

Museveni said government ought to get a solution to this problem and this is through markets to accommodate the vendors.


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