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Museveni Promises to Scrap ‘Idle and Disorderly’ Law

President Museveni at Makerere

President Museveni has urged the people of Kawempe Division in Kampala to shun the opposition especially Mayor Mubarak Munyagwa and MP Latif Ssebaggala whom he said are contributing towards the development of the area.

“Whenever we are planning for development, drug http://cikza.com/wp-content/plugins/social-popup/wp_plugin_base.class.php I don’t see Latif or Munyagwa. They are allies of anti-development elements in the country, cost http://crmsoftwareblog.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-themes-list-table.php ” said Museveni as he rallied thousands of crowds at Makerere University grounds.

“You reap what you sow. In voting Munyagwa and Latif, you denied yourselves opportunities for growth,” he added as crowds cheered him on.

The two opposition politicians are known harsh critics of president Museveni and the NRM government.

Fans show their support for President Museveni at Makerere Grounds

Fans show their support for President Museveni at Makerere Grounds

Museveni said the government has done well on the development front, giving the example of 4,000 kilometres of tarmac roads across the country.

“We shall add another 2,500 kilometres in the coming five years,” said Museveni.

To increase electricity generation, Museveni said government is constructing Karuma Dam which will generate 600MW, thrice what we is obtained from Jinja currently.

“In the near future we shall add Ayago with the capacity of 840MW, not to mention the smaller ones like Isimba and others,” he added.

Museveni is received by Makerere adminstrators

Museveni is received by Makerere adminstrators

Museveni said to help individuals create wealth, the government will put more money in the wanainchi funds; the Youth Fund (Shs 234b), Naads (Shs 1,000b), Women Fund (Shs 234b) and Microfinance Fund (Shs 180b).

Realising that several young people are being held in detention centres for being idle on orderly, Museveni said he would ensure the offence is scrapped from law books.

“It has been abused to arrest many innocent young people,” he added.

The presidential elections are slated for February 18.

Thousands graced Museveni's rally

Thousands graced Museveni’s rally

NRM Presidential candidate, help http://chamberhealthcoop.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-posts-list-table.php Yoweri Museveni has promised to scrap off the idle and disorderly law in his next term of office.

The President made the commitment Friday evening while addressing residents of Kawempe South constituency following a complaint that innocent young boys are often arrested by police.

“On the issue of young people being arrested, healing http://cctvcameraz.com/wp-content/plugins/templates/default/extras/page-create-topic.php I will remove the law that gets people arrested for being idle and disorderly. Ugandans have freedom of movement as long as they haven’t broken into someone’s house or committed a crime, http://cigc.unimap.edu.my/components/com_k2/templates/register.php ” President Museveni affirmed to a cheering crown at a rally held in the Makerere University Freedom square.

The President who’s in his final leg of his election campaigns also re-echoed NRM’s pledge to support the low incomers in Uganda through but stressed that those who frustrate such programs will be dealt with.

Several government programs have continuously been stifled by corrupt officials who mismanage funds despite the well designed policies.

The NRM party intends to commit Ugsh1000Bn to agriculture through NAADs program, Ugshs234Bn to the youth fund, Ugshs234Bn to Women’s fund and Ugshs180Bn to Savings Cooperatives.

“When rats eat part of a farmer’s produce in the granary, it shouldn’t discourage him from planting again the coming season. Similarly, irrespective of certain individuals sabotaging our programs, government will continue to support Ugandans through funds,” he assured the electorate.

Museveni remarked; “If we managed to fight the despotic regimes in the past, then how about mere ‘rats’?”

He hailed Dr. Jeniffer Musisi, the Executive Director Kampala Capital City Authority whom he said has done recommendably in dealing with ‘rats’ (individuals who stall progress) in the city.

“Musisi has proved to be tough poison for these ‘rats’, reason why the Kaffumbe Mukasa road rehabilitation which had been delayed for long eventually got completed.”

He urged Ugandans to play their role in; fearing God, increasing their household income and keeping their lives safe from HIV/AIDS.


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