Museveni Projects Brighter Future in New Year Message

President Museveni says the country is on the right track

The mysterious and long-drawn-out disappearance of Christopher Aine, cure the commander of presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi’s security detail, visit this site has raised concerns about his safety.

Aine is the son of the late Maj Julius Aine, hospital the battle-hardened warrior in the National Resistance Army led by Yoweri Museveni.

Maj Aine (RO/00044) joined NRA in 1981.

He was among the carefully chosen combatants who assaulted Kabamba barracks in February 1981, marking the beginning on the NRA’s armed struggle.

After NRA’s seizure of power in 1986, Maj Aine did not live for long. He died in a motor accident in the 1990s.

There are reports that Maj Aine’s family was not provide adequate attention and support by the Defence Ministry.

Aine who had served in the UPDF would later be enrolled into the then Presidential Guard Brigade (now Special Forces Command).

Due to acts of indiscipline, according to police boss Gen Kale Kayihura, Aine was dismissed from the army with disgrace.

“How can a presidential candidate employ someone dismissed with disgrace to head his security?” wondered Kayihura at a recent media breakfast.

“I hear after leaving the army he went and trained from the Middle East. This militia we will not accept.”

Rise of Aine

Aine hit the limelight when he was involved in a physical confrontation with Busoga East Regional Police Commander Edgar Nyabongo during Mbabazi’s aborted consultative meeting in Jinja Town.

He was briefly held before being released.

It was not until December 17 that Aine was caught on video camera leading a group of Mbabazi’s guards to attack president Museveni’s supporters in Ntungamo.

Museveni warned that whoever clobbered his supporters would “pay heavily.”

Since then, Aine’s whereabouts have been unclear.


The Go Forward camp claims Aine was waylaid and captured by police commandos in Kyanja, a Kampala suburb as he was leaving his residence.

“Christopher Aine was kidnapped by Uganda Police Force Flying Squad,” said Go Forward spokesperson, Josephine Mayanja Nkangi moments after the alleged arrest.

She further said Aine was “picked up at 6:00am from Kyanja” without an arrest warrant.

Nkangi warned that “what goes around comes around.”

Police publicist Fred Enanga this week said the Go Forward camp was yet to file a complaint about Aine’s disappearance.

“We cannot commence investigations on a case that has not been brought to our attention,” said Enanga.

Aine’s mother Jennifer Namuleme this week asked Mbabazi to produce her son. In response, Mbabazi said he was also searching for Aine.

Where is he?

It is highly possible that Aine was arrested by security and wooed to abandon Mbabazi.

While the rest of those arrested in the Ntungamo clashes were charged in court, Aine’s name was conspicuously missing.

Having been close to Mbabazi for a long time, Aine could as well be an asset for security interested in the former premier’s strategies for the 2016 elections.

Aine’s family members particularly Namuleme told journalists that she fears for her son’s life.

“Every time I have a problem, I talk to Gen Salim Saleh. But he is not helping me. I just want to know where Aine is – whether dead or alive,” said Namuleme in Semuto Trading Centre.
Ugandan online legal aid firm Barefoot Law, drug has been named among the NGO Heroes of 2015.

The firm, founded by Gerald Abila, was nominated for providing free legal advice in East Africa.

The guardian newspaper joined up with Adeso Africa, a southern NGO, Bond, the UK INGO alliance who run the Bond Awards every year, CIVICUS, the global alliance for civil society organizations, and Interaction, the Washington-based US alliance of NGOs, to review outstanding Non Governmental Organizations and projects in 2015.

Barefoot Law is a Non-Profit, Social enterprise dedicated towards using Information Technology towards improving access to justice and the Law.

It provides Free Legal consultations and services, develops information technology and social media solutions to help in breaking bottlenecks currently faced in the Justice, Law and Order Sector especially Access to Justice.

Other nominated NGO heroes include Fikr Shalltoot, director of programmes in Gaza – Medical Aid for Palestinians, Mohamed Adow, climate adviser from Kenya, and South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA), who started a cancer support group and a crisis hotline, to take note of complaints and concerns from residents.
President Museveni has said togetherness and love for each other is the only force that will drive Uganda to greatness in the forthcoming year.

“If we love one another, treatment celebrate our diversity, physician resist division and stay united, ampoule we will achieve greatness,” Museveni said in his New Year message to Ugandans.

In the communication the president praised the UPDF and other security agencies for ensuring peace in the ‘whole length and breadth’ of Uganda which he said is a big achievement to the country.

“The ultimate security means the ability to guard our Sovereignty by, if necessary, defeating any aggressor on the globe. The guaranteeing of our sovereignty should not depend on anybody else except ourselves and some like-minded allies of similar interests and a common destiny, if necessary,” he noted.

He added that through the prioritization policy, a lot has been achieved citing roads, health facilities and education sector which have benefitted a lot from the decision.

The president said the country is now able to support manufacturers both local and foreign sourced all courtesy of the prioritization policy introduced.

“By ensuring peace and developing infrastructure, we have also laid the basis for the developing of our huge services sector including tourism from 47000 visitors in 1986 to 1.4 million visitors per year.”

As the new year approaches, the president said he hoped the country would adopt industrialization not only based on agricultural products and minerals but also on human skills in form of heavy and light engineering as part of the efforts to develop the country .

“Our scientists have already started with Kiira Electric Car as well as pick-ups and other vehicles. They are just waiting for funding from the Innovation Fund,” he noted adding that a process of skilling the youth throughout the country has started.

This he said however, can only be fulfilled with determination, unity and love between everyone concerned in the country.

“Let us all join hands and declare the Year 2016 to be our year of prosperity. The year of building on the strong foundation we have laid to secure Uganda’s future,” he said.


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