Museveni Orders Suspension of UWA Boss

UWA Executive Director, Dr. Andrew Seguya

President Yoweri Museveni has directed the Inspector General of Government Iren Mulyagonja to open up an investigation into the Executive Director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Andrew Seguya and his involvement in up to 8 different scandals.

The President also ordered suspension of the ED if he is found with a case to answer in either of the said scandals, drug by the Inspectorate.

In a letter to the IGG at the start of this month, President Museveni, seemingly incensed, laid out his displeasure with the UWA leadership.

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Mr Seguya for instance, is being accused by the President, of authorizing exportation of pangolin, its meat and scales. The ED is said to have licensed some Chinese companies to trade in the rare endangered animals.

Reports came out in 2015, showing that UWA had licensed one Smith Ewa Maku and Smico Skin Craft industries to export seven tonnes of pangolin scales worth about Shs11 billion.

This of course is contrary to the Convention on International Trade, to which Uganda is a signatory.

Museveni, in the letter to the IGG cites a unnamed reports in which some UWA officials are said to have collaborating with Chinese nationals Li Wejin and Yinzhi, who are diplomats in the Chinese Embassy in the country, to export ivory from DRC, CAR and S. Sudan.

The President also accuses, Mr Seguya of soliciting bribes from Centenary Bank, and Crane Bank so as to maintain the Shs 28billion deposits in those banks.

“When the banks refused to bribe him,” Museveni states, “he withdrew the money and cause loss of Shs 1.5billion. Even without causing financial loss, it is criminal enough for a public officer to ask for a bribe.

Museveni also recalled in the letter that in the past he told UWA to put an electric fence around some of the national parks, which has not been done.

He says, “Up to now the UWA people have never either acted on it nor had the courtesy to tell me as to why they cannot act.”

The President also listed other misdeeds by the UWA boss, such as procumbent of software on matters concerning gorillas without following laid down procedures.

He also pointed out the recent reports of murders in national parks among criminals fighting for proceeds from poaching.

The President’s directive to the IGG is to have all these accusations investigated “and if there is a prima facie case, the Executive Director should be suspended.


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