Museveni Opposes Relief Food for Starving Communities

President Museveni shares good moments with children in Ntungamo last month.
The President says government should not encourage the norm of distributing free food to famine hit areas.

President Yoweri Museveni is not entirely supportive of the idea of distributing free food to people hit by hunger crises, pill warning that this must be done with extra care.

The president warned Monday, search while speaking at the Labor Day Celebrations in Pallisa District that relief is likely to discourage hard work amongst people.

“Relief food can kuremaza (disorient) our people away from production to, viagra buy instead, get in the habit of waiting for relief,” he said.

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The president says when this becomes the norm, some people may say, “let us take the government food since it is available,” while this may also be exploited by corrupt leaders who may end up selling the food meant for relief.

Museveni also fears that diverting resources to cater for hunger stricken people could critically affect government programs.

He warned, “Ugandans should know that when we are eating relief food, we should know that we are chewing a road, a school or a health centre.”

“Therefore, relief should only be for the really unavoidable situations.  It should not be used by politicians for cheap popularity”

Museveni’s remarks will not be welcomed by a number of political leaders especially from the opposition, as well as members of parliament from the hard hit areas of Teso, Lango and some parts of western Uganda, who have for months been crying foul over what they call government abandonment of its starving people.


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