Museveni Makes U-Turn on Arts Subjects

Former Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi today dug through the archives to bring out some of his toughest school memories that saw him though to where he stands now as one of Ugandans most respected figures.

Unveiling an old picture of him and his schoolmates, treatment medications Mbabazi revealed that his school days were not as smooth as many would imagine.

He says he leapt over a number of obstacles and is a strong believer of surmounting obstacles.

“My father bought me my first pair of shoes when I was admitted to the prestigious Kigezi College Butobere, page site Kabale in 1966 at the age of 17,” he said.

“I had recently graduated from Kigezi High School Junior (J1-J2) another refined institution where favor was reserved for pupils of ecclesiastical background.”


Mbabazi says he also greatly suffered scorn and bullying by the virtue of the village that he was born and raised in, which was famous of making local brew.

“The children, whose families came from or lived in, the villages of Ruhita and Bugongi, were often treated with suspicion and scorn. This was entirely because the locals had refused to give up indigenous practices such as brewing their own alcohol.”

His head teacher, while punishing Mbabazi once remarked that nothing good had ever come out of his village of Rihita apart from sweet potatoes!

To our headmasters surprise out of the 60 students who undertook the Junior 2 exam, only 10 advanced to Butobere and of those were the seven Ruhita boys, myself inclusive.

Though it all, he managed to make it out as a profcinet lawyer and seasoned poltivians, serving on various top postion in the cuurent NRM Government.

Even after falling out with the regime, he is still a favorite among those hoping to overthrow the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni. In the next election.

President Yoweri Museveni, pill who in the recent past been critical of arts subjects has retracted his stance, ambulance saying that these aren’t that useless after all.

Museveni told students in Mbarara Municipality on Tuesday not to concentrate only on excelling in science subjects, website noting that sciences and arts are not mutually exclusive.

Nine months ago, Museveni openly criticized humanity courses as useless, saying graduates from such departments can hardly solve anything to steer national development.

The President said higher institutions of learning should refocus their attention to teaching science subjects.

“You ask these arts students what they can solve and they tell you, ‘for us we only think.’ Think about what?” he asked.

However, in his message to the students of Kashaka Girls SS in Mbarara, Museveni said science alone cannot transform and take Uganda to where it desires to be.

The message was delivered by Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi as the school marked 30 years of existence.

VP Sekandi welcomed by area MP Emma Boona

VP Sekandi welcomed by area MP Emma Boona

President Museveni advised the learners to prioritize science subjects but also excel in humanities because these two complement each other.

“You realize that science is essential in development and modernization; but modernization must take place in society, and society is built on humanities,” he said.

He went on to highlight the areas where humanities contribute to human development such as peace and conflict resolution, good leadership and numerous poverty eradication programs.

Sekandi cuts cake with Bishop Sheldon Mwesigwa

Sekandi cuts cake with Bishop Sheldon Mwesigwa

Museveni further asked the youngsters to remain focused on their education and not be swayed by worldly pleasures.

At the school fundraising graced by local leaders, parent and well-wishers, over Shs 100 million was collected for the construction of a science laboratory and a library

President Museveni contributed shs 20million, Ssekandi 2million and woman MP Emma Boona gave the school 1millionshs.


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