Museveni, Magufuli Agree to Fasttrack Oil Pipeline Project

Magufuli hands over painted Crested Crane to Museveni in Tanzania

President Yoweri Museveni and Tanzanian Head of State Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli have agreed   on the need to immediately start the implementation of the Hoima-Tanga Crude Oil Pipeline project, erectile which they said would be launched in the near future.

The two heads of state were holding Official Talks while Museveni was a two-day State Visit to the United Republic of Tanzania. He was also in company of Ministers and other Senior Officials of the Government of the Republic of Uganda.

In October 2015, healing Tanzania and Uganda agreed on the development of a crude export pipeline project from Kabaale in Hoima District to Tanga Port of Tanzania. The pipeline is estimated to be about 1400km.

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During the meeting, Museveni welcomed the concessions offered by the United Republic of Tanzania to ensure the success of the project which he said will greatly improve the economies of the two countries.

The project is envisaged to create 15,000 jobs in Uganda and Tanzania.

The presidents further witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on Diplomatic   and   Political   Consultation  between   the   United   Republic   of   Tanzania   and   the Republic of Uganda.

On cooperation in the Energy Sector, the two Heads of State appreciated the initiative taken by the two Governments to start implementation of the Kikagati-Murongo Power Generation Project on the Kagera River.

The completion of this project is expected to ease power problems along the border communities of both sides of the shared river.

They highlighted the need to boost bilateral trade and directed the responsible Ministries to continue taking measures to further promote trade between the two countries as one core priority of the bilateral relations.

In this regard, Museveni   visited   two   factories   under   the   Bakhresa   Group   of Companies, and commended the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania’s efforts in creating a conducive environment for industries to flourish.

Speaking about the ongoing Inter-Burundi dialogue, Magufuli expressed his satisfaction and applauded the efforts being made   by   the   Mediator, Museveni   and   the   Facilitator,   Benjamin William Mkapa, Former President of the United Republic of Tanzania to resolve the crisis in Burundi.


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