Museveni Launches Second Edition of ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’

The second edition of Sowing the Mustard Seed is unveiled at Kampala Serena Hotel on Sunday

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President Yoweri Museveni has Sunday launched a second edition of his book ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’, price a documentation of his early life and the struggle ‘to liberate Uganda from dictatorship’. The first edition was published in 1997.

Published by Moran Publishers, no rx the second edition, this web which the President insisted is not edited, gives an account of the sacrifice that he and other young Ugandans took to in their guerilla bush war.

In a first person voice, Museveni traces the journey of his life from his few months on earth through education after which he and others embarked on a struggle ‘to overthrow the despotic Idi Amin regime’.

The book also highlights other wars such as the drawn out bid to neutralize Joseph Kony’s LRA rebellion and later, the effort to professionalize the national army, UPDF.

Speaking during the official launch held at Kampala Serena Hotel, President Museveni said the book is a story of Ugandans, Africans and intellectuals.

He noted that he decided to reproduce the book due to the fact that the editors of the 1st edition had deviated from the original story.

Museveni addresses the gathering as Janet looks on

Museveni addresses the gathering as Janet looks on

Furthermore, the President said he wasn’t impressed by the grammar used to tell his story in the previous inaugural book.

“At the time when the first edition was published, I had no time to write everything. I gave a story to the publisher but there was a lot of mistakes in the substance and grammar. I noticed that the story was not brought out well the way I wanted,” remarked the President.

He told diginitaries at the launch that he personally chose the title ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’ based on the Biblical orientation he had at the time.

“The title was informed by verses in the Bible to describe how something small (the liberation struggle) can culminate into a big thing,” he explained.

“On a visit to the US 3 years ago, I met Gen. Martin Dempsey (former Chief of Staff of the US Army) who thanked and told me he had enjoyed my book. This prompted me to re-read it and establish whether it could be appreciated in today’s context. I discovered that much as the story was understood, it needed to be written much better,” Museveni said.

Museveni's family members graced the function

Museveni’s family members graced the function

He added; “Lucky enough, I am still alive and witnessed it all so I had to tell the story in a more clear and unambiguous way.”

The President alluding to the errors made by the first publishers criticized Uganda’s education which he said is ‘teaching wrong grammar’.

“Writing English in Uganda is in a big crisis. The institutions of learning are misleading in the area of linguistics. We need to preserve our languages; both English and the local ones so that other generations will understand them easily,” he asserted.

President Museveni (in yellow shirt) unveils the second edition of 'Sowing the Mustard Seed' book together with the MD Moran Publishers, Mr. David Muita at Serena Hotel on Sunday.

President Museveni (in yellow shirt) unveils the second
edition of ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’ book together with the MD Moran
Publishers, Mr. David Muita at Serena Hotel on Sunday.

He appreciated, in a special way, Alison, a foreign journalist at the time of the bush war who archived the video footage that she recorded on a visit to the bush.

The President further thanked the patriots who participated in the struggle, African states; Tanzania, Libya and Rwanda ‘who offered support’ as well as his wife Janet Museveni.


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