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Museveni Is Not a Dictator – PM Rugunda

Rugunda alongside Museveni and Janet at the launch of the book at Kampala Serena Hotel on Sunday

With just over 1000 parliamentary candidates storming next week’s general elections on no party’s ticket, hospital http://citybreakguide.ro/wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/functions/options.php the ruling National Resistance Movement is still unremittingly expressing concern over how much control it will have on the 10th parliament.

Several calls are continuing to emerge, doctor http://celesteanddanielle.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ajax-upgrader-skin.php of the NRM top leadership urging its support base not to elect into parliament independent candidates, visit most of who broke  away from the party after last October’s primary elections.

The latest call was made over the weekend by Prime Minister Dr David Livingstone Ruhakana Rugunda, who urged voters in Kigezi region to ‘discipline’ all independent candidates and party members who support them; daubing these two groups as NRM’s biggest challenge so far.

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“As you all know, if you become an independent candidate, you cease to be part of us. If NRM supporters start supporting and campaigning for you, they are supporting our opposition and that is indiscipline which should be punished,” he said.

The Premier made the remarks while officiating at the launch of the Kabale Female Billionaires Club at the Mother’s Union hall in Kabale municipality.

Dr Rugunda stressed that keeping quite would not be an option if the party has to be kept from disintegration.

“First of all we must not vote these people into positions that will put our president into a difficult position,” he said. “Although they claim to be NRM at heart, they will not be attending our caucuses and meetings at State House or Kyankwanzi.”

These he added, will in the end become easy targets of the opposition to gang up against government.

At the launch event, self acclaimed King Caesar Mulenga of Caesar Development Kingdom pledged Shs 200 million to the Female Billionaires Club.
Uganda’s Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has praised President Museveni for his exemplary leadership in the struggle to liberate Uganda from previous ruthless regimes.

Dr. Rugunda said Museveni never surrendered his cause nor delegated even when the  struggle was faced with setbacks.

He was speaking Sunday during the launch of the second edition of President Museveni’s book titled ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’, dosage http://cyberstudio.biz/main/modules/mod_socialmedialinks/mod_socialmedialinks.php a story of the journey to liberate Uganda.

“I have known Museveni for the last 50 years and I have worked very closely with him. A day after Idi Amin took power, http://cirgroup.com/typo3conf/ext/realurl.1.5.3/ext_tables.php he (Museveni) came to Makerere University where I was a student and we had a meeting, http://citybreakguide.ro/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-base.php ” Rugunda told the gathering at Kampala Serena Hotel on Sunday.

“He told me; ‘this is a new dictatorship and I am going to fight it.’ He said he was leaving for Tanzania to pursue his studies but we agreed that the rest of us who were staying would be part of the struggle.”

Rugunda lauded the President for using the leadership skills he attained from Dar-es-Salaam University to successfully mount a rebellion with 43 others.

He told the gathering that when the group faced defeat in 1979, Museveni still gathered the survivors in a lorry and ferried them to Tanzania to find solace.

This he said demonstrated true leadership and empathy for his (Museveni) followers adding that no wonder the President has ably offered good leadership as President as well as mobilizing his National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

In a rather emphatic tone, Dr. Rugunda refuted media claims that often portray President Museveni as a dictator and terrible person.

He asserted; “Museveni is not a dictator. For all the years I have known him, I want to say he’s a very humble and patient person. When you give a view that is contrary to his, he will give you time to make your case. If it’s strong and logical, you win him over.”

Rugunda in a special way paid tribute to NRM historical, Prof. Edward Rugumayo for boldly admitting to host President Museveni even when he (Rugumayo) was a Minister in the Amin government.

Ruhakana Rugunda was part of the 5 member FRONASA (The Front for National Salvation) committee including President Museveni that planned and mobilized the rebellion in 1972.


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