Museveni Impersonator Case Adjourned

Ellady Muyambi is accused of impersonating President Yoweri Museveni

By Geoffrey Omara.

The law enforcement team in Apac District has resolved to begin prosecuting people who will be caught practicing witchcraft in the district.

The resolution was made during a stakeholders meeting organized by the Justice, information pills this web Law and order sector (JLOS), healing at the district headquarters on Wednesday.

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JLOS brings together all agencies involved in the administration of justice and maintenance of law and order to foster cooperation and communication with focus of ensuring justice for all.

“Practicing witch craft is a security threat which must be dealt. We cannot sit and watch while our people are crying. Witch doctors must face the wrath of law” Tian Emmanuel, the state prosecutor at Apac Magistrate court said.

He further revealed that there is need for the police to work with the prosecutor office to bring justice to those that are distressed by the practice of witchcraft.

The district Speaker Felix Yine said the issue of witchcraft in schools and other public institutions in the district is a big threat to development.

“Practicing witchcraft will frighten our civil servants especially teachers and students,” he said, citing an incident in Alerwang, Abwong where apparently charms were sent to scare away teachers and health personnel’s.

The Grade one Magistrate, Jude Okumu proposed the need for the district to seek an injunction on the witchcraft and traditional healer’s practice to be imposed in the district.

“Section six of the penal code act says ignorance of the law is no defense. The issue of witchcraft is a big threat since its now affecting institutions and must therefore be dealt with immediately,” Okumu said.
Buganda Road Senior Principe Magistrate Sarah Kaitesi Lukwago has adjourned the hearing of the case where Ellady Muyambi is charged with offences of forgery and promoting sectarianism.

This followed Edward Muhumuza, visit this site the state Prosecutor’s request for an adjournment so that they can finalize the remaining investigations in this matter.

The magistrate adjourned the matter up to the October 15th, prostate when it resumes for mention

Prosecution alleges that on 25th January 2010 Muyambi and others at large authored a false document with a headline a ‘Personal Note of Thanks’ to Libyan President Col Muammar Gadaffi, capsule by then purporting that it was authored by  President Museveni which was not true.

The prosecution further alleges that same person with others still at large between  July 2012 and June 2015 promoted sectarianism in their document entitled ‘Do we understand Museveni’s real mission? which had a lot of statements promoting hatred and sectarianism among various Ugandan tribes.


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