Museveni: ICC Are a Bunch of Useless People

President Yoweri Museveni after taking oath today to lead the country for yet another 5 year term launched an assault on foreign powers that are in the practice of intervening in the affairs of Uganda and African countries.

Museveni scathingly attacked The Hague based International Criminal Court (ICC) describing it as useless.

The President was welcoming several Heads of State from across the continent, cost http://cromatest.mx/components/com_k2/views/latest/tmpl/latest_item.php among them Field Martial Omar El Bashir, help the President of the Republic of Sudan who is wanted by the ICC.

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“Our Brother El Bashir is here with us today. The ICC is none of our business. It is a useless body.”

He added, “We used to support the ICC thinking they were serious but they are just a bunch of useless people.”

Earlier in the morning, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a statement expressing concern on hearing that President Bashir was attending today’s function.

“Uganda’s President Museveni has  banned social media, and detained some opposition leaders, but he’ll tarnish his inauguration further by welcoming Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, an international fugitive sought for alleged atrocities in Darfur,” said Maria Burnett, senior Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch.

OLD FOES: President Omar Bashir (L) greets President Salva Kiir of the newer South Sudan at the inauguration of President Museveni

OLD FOES: President Omar Bashir (L) greets President Salva Kiir of the newer South Sudan at the inauguration of President Museveni

“Al-Bashir belongs before the International Criminal Court, not attending inaugural celebrations. If al-Bashir does enter Uganda, Ugandan authorities should arrest him and send him to The Hague.”

Museveni has in the past lambasted the international tribunal (which is handling a case of Ugandan former rebel commander Dominic Ogwen) for targeting only African leaders. The court has since dismissed the case of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

The President while welcoming representatives from Russia and China, who graced occasion, praised these two countries which he said are not showy and domineering.

“Russia are our very good friends; they sold us those spears you saw earlier (fighter jets) with no strings attached. We hate strings attached. We love to work with people who are not bossy,” he said in Luganda and the crowd cheered him.

“How more foolish can you get, leaving your own house to give orders to someone else’s house?”

Speaking at the event, the President of Chad who is also the current Chairman of the African Union HE Idriss Déby congratulated Ugandans upon “renewing their trust” in President Museveni.

Mr. Déby described Museveni who has been in office since 1986, as among Africa’s best leaders who are passionate about taking the continent forward.



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