Museveni Gets ‘Heart-warming’ Gift from US for Helping Refugees

The Cheque that President Museveni received from Mrs Douglas from the US

State House have received an unexpected letter from the United States of America, sales expressing appreciation to President Yoweri Museveni for unsparingly supporting refugees from the region.

The writer Ms Adrienne Douglas from Claremont, California also attached a token of appreciation in form of a USD 100 Cheque to the letter.

Ms Douglas in her letter was thankful to the president and termed his actions towards refugees in Uganda as admirable.

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“…Your kindness serves as an example to people all over the world,” she wrote, adding that the money was to “help the people of Uganda.”

The President’s Press Assistant Mr Lindah Nabusayi termed the letter as Heart-warming.

Mrs Douglas' letter to Museveni

Mrs Douglas’ letter to Museveni

Uganda is home to hundreds of thousands of refugees, mainly from neighbouring South Sudan, DRC and Burundi.

The country is said to have one of the world’s most compassionate refugee policies, which grants migrants land to build a home and enjoy rights to travel and work that are practically unheard of elsewhere.

Despite resource deficiencies to deal with the ever growing numbers, Museveni maintains that the country’s borders will always be open to refugees.

“The poor refugees, having run from their tormentors, must be treated humanely by the countries of their refuge.  The refugees that come to Uganda, are part of the cultural groups of the Great Lakes,” Museveni recently told African leaders at a summit in Angola.


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